Dak galbi?

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere and say, “I will have the [insert food item], please.” Eat, pay, tip, and leave.

And not have to (1) go buy the ingredients; (2) prep the ingredients; (3) cook the ingredients; and (4) clean and store all of the cookware and kitchen utensils.

Nowadays, more often than not, I cook not really to eat, but for the actual process itself. It’s relaxing and somewhat therapeutic.

But to actually have to cook just to eat something – even if it’s something I want to eat – simply feels too obligatory, and at the end of the day denatures the entire experience.

Maybe I’m just lazy. Dunno.


Me too. If it’s a really good one. There’s a lot of bad meatloaf out there.

[quote=“ipsedixit, post:21, topic:3443”]
Maybe I’m just lazy. Dunno.
[/quote] Lately, I’ve been contemplating that one myself. Laziness maybe. But, I think it’s also because we live in a city with so many good restaurants now. Oh yeah… and the cleaning up sucks.

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I suspect you are instead very busy. I freelance in the business so in downtime I indulge my passion for cooking, and inflict it on my wife and friends. I used to inflict it on ebeth as well, but she is launched, and didn’t come home after college. It is what it is.


I’m in the same space as well. I used to cook all the time, now I either cook for relaxation/fun (for myself) or throw together something really simple and easy (less clean up and fuss). Often, I find it’s easier to grab a couple of tacos or a quick bite out than deal w/ shopping/cooking/cleaning. But who knows, life changes and that is most likely to change……


But good ones DO exist.

Try the wagyu meatloaf at Restaurant 2117 on Sawtelle. It’s simply Subarashi.

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[quote=“ebethsdad, post:24, topic:3443”]
she is launched, and didn’t come home after college. It is what it is.
[/quote] That means you did your job right.


She is a wonderful person, but I can’t take credit for it. She is also a great cook. I blame my father, and my grandmother who hooked us all on food as art.

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[quote=“J_L, post:26, topic:3443”]
wagyu meatloaf
[/quote] Now that seems scrumptious… and “Subarashi”.

it might be good but any recipe that involves grinding quality wagyu beef seems like sacrilege to me - it’s already perfectly marbled through careful application of genetics. then the process of cooking it other than quickly at high heat also leeches out more of that wonderful fat.

All great and valid points, indeed.

Nevertheless - Man! That meatloaf is scrumptious.