Dear John's

Dear John’s - Top Reheat… Old-School Edition

The Hemingway Daiquiri - Rum, Grapefruit, Lime, Maraschino, Simple Syrup, Orange Peel

I tasted banana too but maybe because I wanted to. Love the reusable mason jar… togo packaging I can live with.

Shrimp Cocktail

Waldorf Salad w/Green Goddess Dressing

Garlic Cheese Toast

Lobster Bisque

Loved the Bisque. The tarragon sprig came in a little cup with the other garnishes @PorkyBelly… I tossed that little sucker and replaced it with chives. :grin:

Jidori Chicken Pot Pie & Buttered Noodles

This pot pie didn’t look like the Instagram photo, but it tasted like it! lol. Good gravy, tender chicken, firm vegetables and perfectly cooked dough w/a soft underneath & crispy, flaky outside. :hearts: The buttered noodles tasted like buttered noodles… I added extra butter.

Guanaja Chocolate, Crème Fraiche, Fleur De Sel

The pudding is creamy, chocolatey, mousse goodness! :heart:

We really enjoyed our takeout meal from Dear John’s and are looking forward to dining-in for some of that old-school tableside service. :wink:


I forgot to add the cocktail :point_up_2:t4:


Strong photography…how do you find time for both sushi school and photography classes?


Why, thank you, Sir. I’m working the heck outta iPhone’s edit & highlight stick. With Covid exploding all around us I’m barely allowed outta the yard now. Working, gardening, cooking, posting pictures of food is my life. :blush:


All in beautiful southern California climate and access to fresh produce!


Yet one more reason to adore you!


Hit Dear John’s as my first dine out situation in a long time, knowing that their clock is ticking pandemic or not.

Half drunk Old Fashioned

A really solid Old Fashioned–straight down the lane.

Caeser Salad

Honestly one of the best Caeser Salads I’ve had in a long time. It was super classic and I could have used a bit more anchovy, but given the vibe and the Old Fashioned I was loving every bite.

JLC’s Bougie Tots

Steph Shimmy Gif

German Potatoes + Salmon with White Wine and Sorrel

Yeah, we were that group that ordered fish at a steakhouse. (It was damn good though)

Chicken Parmesan + Spaghetti Marinara

Hopefully we redeemed ourselves with the chicken parm, which was great. I was kind of bummed the spaghetti needed to be ordered as an extra on the side because it was highly necessary, but very delicious.

I don’t know how much longer Dear John’s will be around as they’re going month to month on their lease starting in April, so if you haven’t been it’s a great night out.


Update: Dear John’s reopens for indoor dining and bar service on June 15th. ALSO, their lease has been renewed to at least April, 2022.


Very happy news - a favorite night out, albeit very pricey.

Big news!! Dear Johns was set to close due to some construction in the area… but they have been given a reprive!! Pigs in a blanket for everyone!!!


Screenshot from their email: