December 2017 Weekend Rundown

Olympic Mercado.

Came here after La Unica. Definitely not the Mercado that Esparza wrote about years ago. Not too many specialist. Most places are tacos,quesadillas, and other similar masa based items with the same fillings. Squash flowers, corn fungus, mushrooms, chorizo/potato, and pork skin in salsa as well as the common stuff ie Asada and the like. All of them are solid btw!! Oh feel free to mix and match. Asada and Corn Fungus? Yes please.

Amongst those I found a Puebla stand with blue corn and unique items like moronga/blood sausage and cecina.

And for dessert a big bag of mango and coconut:

If you never been it’s a madhouse! The south side of Olympic is busier. Also spotted a few chicharone and carnitas stands.

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Hanoi Corner

The search for the best bun cha Hanoi in Little Saigon continues…

Knew this wasn’t going to be success when it hit the table. No aroma and no grilled flavor.
Cold, too.

So far Hanoi Avenue is my favorite.

But Hanoi Corner has a killer baby clam porridge that always sells out and other noodles and apps that are worth exploring. Sadly the bun cha was bland.

I wish someone would do a street, truck, or underground backyard setup for bun cha Hanoi.

Binh Minh is next on the list


What do you think of the bun cha Hanoi at Brodard Chateau?

Have not had it. Is it good? Never been to Chateau either just the regular place for rolls

Oh, might give it a whirl.

I’m not an expert, but from your comments about grill flavors, aroma, and temperature it seems like it might be good. I haven’t had it in a while, but I can still recall it being really aromatic, and having the flavors of grilled, rich meat served quite hot (at least the meat, which comes in its own pot). I thought it was quite a great dish there!

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We recently had the chance to try a variety of wonderful restaurants on our most recent trip northwards. There are threads for each of these, but I’ll compile them all here in case someone finds it helpful:

Thanks again to all the FTC’ers for the great recommendations! :smile:


California Marketplace, 5th and Western.

I think this is the best korean market in KTown. Grab some samples, puts Costco to shame!!!

Very tasty banchan at the back of the market!!

Pollock Entrails. I should have bought this!!

Smoked Duck!

Went to check out the third floor…

Didn’t sample the food stalls here but saw a donkatsu , jjampong, kimbap, Italian-Korean fusion, soba, and dessert stall.

Headed across the street to Chomak for some grilled fish

Got the pike mackerel. Nicely cooked, and with the warm barley drink, very comforting meal.


Today had the most gorgeous sky at sunset!!


Leaving the Rams game

Leaving the Rams game


Leaving the Eagles home game at the Coliseum.


LOL. It did Pheel like Philangeles.
Rams really blew it.

Main Line in da house!

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FYI Tomorrow is the last serving of the year for Burgers Never Say Die

I can’t really say I like their burgers, but I do enjoy the company of (most) the people who swing by.

Excellent Hokkien mee and laksa udang at Borneo Kalimantan in Alhambra.


I had the burger at the bar at Tavern in Brentwood on Friday night (along with bacon wrapped dates)…

The burger was very very good…They had amazing tomatoes on the side too, one of the highest quality burgers i’ve had in LA…Would recommend.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery

Strawberry Butter and Cinnamon Toast Ganache, filled with slow-cooked strawberry preserves and creamy cinnamon ganache
Ate a pair of deez nuts and they were way too sweet with too much filling. you couldn’t take a bite without the filling shooting out the other end. stick with the dka.


Pargiot plate at ta eem might be one of the best dishes in LA… living the dream eating this right now.



The veggie dishes here are head and shoulders above their protein options.

Charred brussel sprouts :heart_eyes:

Thick Cut Bacon

Succotash :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Really tasty dish, served with cauliflower, fresh made crispy tortillas and some chili sauce. The tortillas had excellent flavor and making little tacos made each bite complex in flavor, all complimenting each other.