December 2022 Rundown

Probably not the right place to drop this. Went to Bosscat in Irvine on Thursday for holiday happy hour with work friends. Checked the itemized receipt before signing for the bill. Don’t charge $0.50 for big ice please. Just increase the price of the drink by $1 and nobody will bat an eye. This feels ticky tacky.


Wow that is bad was it listed on the menu? Or did you request big ice?

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I did not notice the $0.50 charge for big ice on the menu. The waiter never asked or gave us the option.


If this is a fairly large restaurant chain that is a class action waiting to happen!

All of that, IMHO, would warrant an e-mail to the restaurant.

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No photos but just had a really impressive delivery meal from Plate50, a newish Sri Lankan/Indian restaurant on the edge of Koreatown:

We enjoyed all the dishes we had, mostly from the Sri Lankan portion of the menu:

Chicken Biryani
Okra: flavors really popped here, they were generous with the curry leaves and it was nicely spiced.
Coconut Roti: it was dense yet light, not too sweet and served with a really tasty chili paste.
Cilantro Chutney: gets a special mention since it was delicious and had more than the typical flavor profile. Maybe some mustard oil?

All in all we were really impressed and are looking forward to giving them another shot, particularly since it’s a long haul from Central LA up to the Sri Lankan places in the central/west SFV.


WhuT?! That’s way to close for me. Will be checking it out for lunch next week! WHEE!!!


sounds really interesting! nice find!!


Spent time in the industry (whiskey bars etc)

Not unusual to charge 50¢ - $1 for big ice. But IS unusual not to inform the customer in advance.

If the big ice is the default way it’s served, 100% agree just raise the price of the drink.

I’d call attention to the manager. Likely it was a server gaffe.


Dominos. Sometimes you gotta eat the trashy things. Added my own and reheated because I only had a coupon for one topping pizza for 7 bucks.

Cheap, convenient, quick, and tasty.


They also charged you $.50/ea for dressing and Mayo? And what is $Bosscat? Upgrade to the Larceny?

Seems very petty.

Maybe they were trying to make up for their happy hour “deals”. Weird.

Yes we ordered fries and asked them for extra sauces bc they only gave us ketchup. I noticed this charge on the menu too. Their fries are massive and very good. The short rib grilled cheese was good too.

Maybe they need to recoup money because their space in Irvine is very nice. Must have been an expensive build out. High huge ceilings and lots of space. Nice big bar too.

Dec crunching :dizzy_face:

Holdaak - the thing with KFC is, I’m only craving it after dark and after dinner :sob: Love how big and juicy these wings are. Sauces are pretty good. The thing is they crunch no more after left sitting for few hours. So I need to eat them when they are out and piping hot, and I need to eat them all, after dark, after dinner, all in one sitting. :sweat_smile:

Meizhou Dongpo - I’m unimpressed by the duck and most dishes, but surprisingly love all the vegetable dishes. Me, the carnivore :woman_shrugging:
I’m specifically impressed by this sweet and sour fish. Flavor is ok, texture is ok, but the presentation!!! And also no bones whatsoever, except the head and tail :exploding_head: The fin part is usually one of my favorites on any fish because of how fatty and flavorful it is but there are also hundred of tiny little bones in it. If it’s fried right the bones are crunchy and I can chew right through them. But this fish, the fins are intact, fried, but there are no bones :exploding_head::thinking::exploding_head:

Uncle Fung - what a nice surprise!

  • Laksa Mee: broth is so flavorful. I love every drops. Toppings are basic though.
  • Nasi Lemak Ayam Penyet: smashed fried chicken! With coconut flavored rice!!! And crazy good sambal. My first time with this smashed fried chicken and it is phenomenal. Considering I was just finish a whole bowl of laksa Mee, having this to go, but thinking I should at least try it while it hot, in the car :joy:

Sushi Koto - they are known for various kinds of donburi and I’m always craving for them. True mom and pop shop, with a love for baseball - Shohei Ohtani poster plastered on the wall LoL

  • Ohtani donburi - I didn’t capture it well as I was hungry, but the wasabi is shaped like a baseball ball, nagaimo is shaped like a baseball base, and gobo root is shaped like a baseball bat :joy::joy::joy: so cute and yummy too.

Maude - i love the secret dessert / wine cellar place. A nice pleasant surprise!


Napa Rose (Winter 2022) photo dump

It’s been a couple of weeks so I can’t say I remember what I ate. But I will say that the cooking is solid and the tasting meal is easy to eat. I enjoyed the caviar with the potato espuma.

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Nice! I wish I know how to debone and carve like this ‘cause it’s so friggin’ cool and easy to eat! :crossed_swords:

Noodle St is generally very solid and dependable. We had our kids recital down the street. Very fast turnover.


Always forget to post, but getting this one out because I don’t think it’s been posted here yet.

Shlap Muan Chicken Wings in Long Beach (bordering Lakewood), the “first ever Khmer Cambodian chicken wings” joint.


The “Dirty Elvis” wings.

Crispy, juicy wings coated in a caramelly soy garlic sauce with a good amount of black pepper spice at the end. Sweet and savory were well-balanced. Very good, although I personally would have liked a bit more heat and acid. This particular flavor only comes in an order of 20, while you can order smaller quantities of their other sauced/dry seasoned wings.

Shrimp fried rice.

It’s what you want in shrimp fried rice, except the shrimp are actually battered and fried and you’re like, “Why don’t more places do this?” Was told this and the Dirty Elvis wings are two of their most popular items. Nice folks, brisk takeout business on a weekday at lunchtime.
Shlap Muan
2150 E. South St.
Long Beach, CA 90805


Panholic at 3012 W Lincoln Ave Anaheim, CA 92801 (Beach Blvd) is the best Korean-Chinese place I’ve found in the OC. The restaurant changed names from Wokholic to Panholic.

Very small joint. Only about 8-9 tables total. The highlights were the jjamppong, sweet and sour pork (sauce on the side obviously) and the spicy garlic shrimp. Well fried and delicious. The noodles here are the right chew and the jjamppong is at a good spice level. The jjajiangmein is good but we’ve had better elsewhere.


Where is your favorite JJM to be found?

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