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And then there is this news from the OC Register about his other projects: Food hall shake up? Playground’s Jason Quinn closing three 4th Street Market food stands; four new restaurants coming – Orange County Register

I’ve been here a few times and have enjoyed our meals here significantly more than the regular Playground. Chef Quinn and his right hand man Mark have cooked every meal for us at 2.0. This must make a difference in quality. Haven’t had any issues with over salting over at 2.0. Since finding 2.0 we haven’t been back to Playground and after some of these comments not sure that we would want to “downgrade”.

I do agree that plating isn’t necessarily the most elegant but I don’t put a lot of weight into optics so long as the food looks edible and isn’t all brown/grey goopy looking crap.

Thanks. Some of the themes look interesting.

My 2.0 dinner was so much better than playground they should rename it 3.0.

Dammit. Not happy to read this considering we’re headed there tomorrow. Guess now I know why they have free corkage. That russian salad would have made this russian throw it off the wall (in my head)…

Quick, someone tell me a better restaurant around Santa Ana (and dont say Vaca)

is it a good idea for a group with a couple of kids who show up with a serious buzz already? not really into swirls etc. we may need to just keep to the reservation and make the best of it huh

If you don’t mind venturing away from DTSA, I like Pueblo even better than Vaca. It’s a smaller menu, but I haven’t had anything there I didn’t like. SoCo has several of good options depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Scotchery is also good.

Mix Mix has great cocktails.

Yall kind of scared me and boy i’m glad we felt otherwise. That place was pretty damn great and a very very good value. Went after 4 breweries:

had one of my favorites from home to take advantage of the free corkage on first bottle rule… if you ask me why i’m chilling a red wine i’m going to question your ftc cred :stuck_out_tongue:

duck larb was a cool idea and we enjoyed it… refreshing and bright but were hungry and just swallowed them without really remembering anything about it.

the scallop carpaccio was really lovely… everything there on point and working together

first time trying barnacles… really enjoyed their earthy / oceany taste… interesting pairing with the cram and potatoes… a bit confusing but a memorable dish

the big boy that ensures nobody goes home hungry… they sous vide the fuck out of this thing for the longest time and finish in a very maple glaze type of reduction, sauce… i’m sure they can upgrade the finish… needs more acidity for me, maybe some barrel aged maple instead…

nicely pairs with their brussel sprout ceasar salad … this salad is kind of a must have here honestly… really cool

mad carving skills after that many drinks

fig/chocolate something dessert was really good but needed much more of the cream on top. it was a great not sweet offset to the rest of it

and the chef/owner… my god what a dude… we walk in and my 4 year old screams out, “daddy, arsenal!!!” they have a jersey hanging behind bar… had to go track chef down at 2.0 after eating, he came out and we had a nice connection… he’s gooner family for life now … even without this i’d go back there in a second between the quality and price points… a bit annoying with the no subs, no salt no anything rules but whatever… didn’t effect the result.


Hi @Nemroz,

Nice report. Thanks for the thoughts. :slight_smile: This was Playground 2.0, right? (just making sure.)

That pork chop looks massive! :open_mouth:

No, this was the regular Playground. That porkchop put the 4 of us into a very satisfied state after all of the starters. Still have the bones to make a broth :slight_smile:


Fig bread pudding at regular Playground is excellent.

Jason is a good dude. Huge Arsenal fan - told us he tried to name his daughter Lanesra (which is Arsenal backward) until his wife figured it out. My wife told him one day that his khai soi was much better than Lotus of Siam. He filmed a video to tell his team to give my wife a free bowl of khai soi at 4th street market when his noodle place was open. We tipped generously.

We frequent and love Playground 2.0. If you like to drink the $175 tab for food, drinks and tip is a great deal.


Dude named his new kid Cannon!!! I was holding my sleeping kid by the time we were chatting. Good times.

kind sir, may i pretentiously ask if you know if the barnacles you were served were same/similar to what are known as “percebes” in spain?


contradiction in terms.

I don’t know English football that well but I guess you root for Liverpool or Tottenham?

bite your tongue, sir, he said respectfully:

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sure seems like they’re the same type of barnacles