Deleteddddddd this. HOW COOL

Pacing is French, for people that like being in restaurants, and eating slowly, you know, savoring their food, lol.

And what in the fuck are you talking about? The biggest hipster joke in the world is “what’s a hipsters favorite X? You’ve probably never heard of them/it”

While I actually only meant to call out this particular listicle as a poor piece of journalism, not the entirety of Eater, that is pretty damning if true, and would seem to indicate a general lack of attention to detail in general as opposed to just not gettting pasta reporting correct.

Someone who thrives on going to all of the latest restaurants and keeping their finger on the pulse of new culinary trends isn’t a hipster. It’s someone who likes dining out.

On the other hand, someone who makes their own bitters, rides a fixie, waxes their mustache, wears ironic tshirts and thrift store overalls, and listens to Kurt Vile on vinyl is a hipster.

They’re not the same and this is a stupid discussion.



I agree --this list is fine. Most of the places would be on a short list for solid pasta. I think Republique flies under the radar a bit, because people don’t immediately think “Heavy French influence – Pasta!” when they order there. That is one of the great things about this board that I love – it clues us in on things we might not ordinarily find on our own. I have not been back to Republique since the threads noting its outstanding pasta, but on my next visit, I will for sure make it a point to try whatever is on hand. A lot of what is on Eater kind of makes me go “ho-hum,” but I have found it accurate and helpful. The breakfast round-up I thought was spot on – I am a breakfast fan and have posted a bit on it on this site – and the list was solid, though as in any list some personal favorites might slip through. (With the demise of the old Chowhound, I have actually found the Eater guides to other cities --most recently Austin – very helpful.)

But of course, here is where I come for the real inside info on LA. (And very appreciative for it…)

What they would like the world to believe … Aka Lumberjack emos

lumberjack emos is so 2013. it’s all plumber goths and miner nerds now.
please try and keep up.


Hipster is the new jump the shark. Everyone uses it, nobody knows what it means.


well put. the word “hype” also fits your description to a t.

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You do great stuff in a huge, hard-to-cover megapolis.


Whack-a-mole too.

Agreed. It would be great if Eater actually reviewed places and rendered an opinion, but I understand that’s not their role. I rely on them pretty heavily for their news of openings and closings, as well as their Best 38 or whatever lists for other cities. It’s a good resource to have.

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Actually, for whatever reason, I’m okay w/ them simply listing places rather than writing reviews. We can make up our own minds. :slight_smile:

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Eater reviews? TonyC. He should have his own column - kinda bizzaro Andy Rooney at a fraction of the age and twice the mileage.

Hasn’t been updated for a while (hint hint @TonyC), but…

Having a name so French it has an accent in it surely won’t help a restaurant make it into “best pasta” listicles.


Always easier to criticize than publicize.

Hats off to folks like @matthewkang and @TonyC. We, at least me, are often to quick poke fun without stopping sometimes to give a little credit to them for making the effort, which most do not, or cannot, do. Kudos to them.


That for sure, but with his talents, I was thinking a dedicated Eater column. Editorial? Review? “¡Ask an Asian!”?


“Enter the Dragon”