Delicious Pastas and Pizza at Cotogna [Thoughts + Pics]

My favorite place for pasta in SF is Perbacco.

I didn’t know Cavalli turned into a cafe. I guess in the era of Amazon that’s a more sustainable business than Italian-language books and videos.

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la ciccia


Not sure I have one.

But I’ve always enjoyed the pasta creations at Seven Hills.

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The chef who made Seven Hills famous for pasta left and started his own place, now called Nostra Spaghetteria.

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Thanks @robert.

Have you tried this new place, Nostra? How is it?

I haven’t been to either. Seven Hills is in a really inconvenient location and now that I look it up Nostra Spaghetteria has closed.

Update 1:

We were pleasantly surprised by Cotogna for our initial visit, and we were running late in meeting up with some good friends (who already ate, but wanted to hang out and maybe snack, walk around, etc.), so we decided to stop in to Cotogna for a quick lunch before meeting up.

The casual sister restaurant to Michelin 3 Star Quince, you wouldn’t know that Cotogna was related given the relaxed, bright, sunny vibe and simple chairs and tables.

Soppressata, Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts Pizza:

Consistent with our previous visit, Cotogna is making their own style of Pizza that seems to be a cross between a NY Pizza and Neapolitan. Lightly crisped crust, a wet center, and the 4 seasonal Pizzas on this visit were very California (in a good way), celebrating local, seasonal produce over more traditional offerings.

While the last time’s 'Nduja topping was a bit sparse, on this visit with the new seasonal Pizza was generous with the Soppressata, which was slightly crisped, porky, spicy and delicious with Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts. :blush:

Tagliatelle alla Modenese:

This was Cotogna’s modern interpretation of a Bolognese with 5 types of meat: Oxtail, Pancetta, Veal Cheek, Pork Neck and Sausage. Taking a bite…

Incredible! :heart:

It’s not a traditional Bolognese by any means, but there was something deeply seductive and unctuous with slow cooked Oxtail, Pancetta, Pork Neck, Veal Cheeks and Sausage. It exhibited this complex, really appealing “slow stewed meat” type of flavor that made us devour our shared Pasta in the blink of an eye! :sweat_smile: :blush:

While it doesn’t approach Leo Bulgarini’s wonderful version, nor was it the best Pasta on our trip, Cotogna’s Tagliatelle alla Modenese was outstanding and another winner on the menu, along with the fantastic Taglierini Neri with Dungeness Crab (on our last visit).

We can’t wait to go back and try more of their Handmade Pasta dishes and a few more Pizza flavors as well. Thanks again @BradFord @robert.

490 Pacific Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel: (415) 775-8508


Now I’m looking forward to see where else you visited! :smiley: Hope you enjoyed SF!

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That Bolognese sounds incredible. I need to do something like it. Thanks.

Thanks @BradFord! :slight_smile: Thanks to you for the great rec. There were some fantastic meals. Stay tuned. :wink:

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I enjoyed Cotogna . They were able to sit eight
people for lunch . Comped a pizza for the wait . Great service . I love the city .


Nice @Emglow101! What did you all have for lunch? Any favorite dishes that visit?

Can’t wait to read your report on yoshizumi :wink:

I have no idea what you’re talking about. :thinking: :shushing_face:

I believe I ordered the grilled octopus, and a special that was off the grid . It was a couple years ago . The wine pairing was superb . I remember walking out with a smile.

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So thanks to this post, we booked Cotogna for lunch before my husband gave his talk at the conference. They had an interesting selection of wines by the glass.

I got this delicious single ravoli.

Husband got this starter. Delicious.

I got the fried chicken as a main because I couldn’t resist trying Italian fried chicken.

It comes with a tiny jar of hot sauce that was great, so I asked if I could purchase some. Someone, who shall remain unnamed, said no but I was welcome to stick the jar in my purse.

Husband got this pasta, which he enjoyed.

It was getting close to my husband’s start time at the conference, and the staff was great about getting our coffee and dessert out quickly. Someone, also unnamed, gave me a fresh, unopened bottle of hot sauce to go. :smile:

We barely had time for more than a bite of dessert, but this was excellent and very different.

Great service and great food! Would happily go back.


Nice report @Xochitl. :slight_smile: Did you like the Italian Fried Chicken? (And that was nice of them to give you a couple bottles of their hot sauce). :smile:

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The meat was moist and tender, as if it had been brined, and was very good. The breading on the outside was very thin, if that is the word. I prefer fried chicken with a thicker crust (i’ve been known to just eat the skin with the crust and leave the meat :grimacing:). But it was delicious with hot sauce.

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Hilarious! And me at Dookie Chase in New Orleans!