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Warrior: It’s disappointing that we can put a man on the moon and create silicon chips with billions of nanoscale transistors, but health scientists still aren’t sure about basic things like whether butter is healthy.

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Warrior: 6/10. I thought the BBQ whole chicken was excellent. Great flavor and tenderness. Everything else, including the BBQ chicken links and jackfruit, was just okay. It’s a nice gesture to have jackfruit on the menu, but I think the seasoning was too strong. I would have preferred no seasoning at all. I found it difficult to chew through the very tough casing for the links. The sides were basic and uninspired. Still, the chicken was so good that I give the restaurant a passing grade.

Peony: 5.5/10. I feel this is what I would expect from barbecue food. Maybe I’m fussy. I was not impressed.

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You, I never would’ve thought to order chicken there. I’m such a beef and pork fiend when it comes to BBQ. :slight_smile:


Warrior: With rare exceptions, we only eat red meat (pork included) when it is unavoidable as part of a tasting menu or used in small amounts for seasoning.

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The first time I tried Bludso’s it was a couple of rib tips from the Compton locale. :heart_eyes: I love pork but try to keep my consumption to a minimum, so haven’t had them at the La Brea locale. Are they as good? The Bloody Mary with the rib tip garnish looked insane… insanely good.

Yep. I actually think they’re better at the new location than what they were doing at the Compton location. Like a lot of legit BBQ places, there can be variability from batch to batch, but when they’re on top of their game, those rib tips are amazing.

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“Temporarily Closed” :disappointed_relieved:

Colori Kitchen

Warrior: 7/10. As I recall, Colori Kitchen opened in DTLA around the same time as Yxta and Wood Spoon, about 13 years ago. It’s great that this trio of restaurants has survived all this time, and it’s well-deserved, because they all do a good job. The food at Colori Kitchen is basic but enjoyable. I wish the spaghetti were more al dente, but it’s passable, and the pesto sauce was delicious. I wish the salmon were cooked more rare, but it was tasty nonetheless. I really liked the mixed grilled vegetables—my favorite dish of the night. The minestrone was a bit too sweet and not savory enough for my taste. My controversial statement of the night: I like this restaurant slightly more than Maccheroni Republic.

Peony: 7/10. I enjoyed this food a lot. Good Italian food for delivery. My favorite actually was the soup. It had the perfect combination of vegetables and was just very tasty and comforting. The pesto sauce was outstanding.


Hatin’ aside, I got delivery from Kogi the other day. Surprised to see it on the app, think they set it up based on wherever the truck parks that day. Still owns. 10/10.


what did you order? Tacos are great. Last time I got a burrito and it was pretty terrible.


Tacos, quesadilla, and I love that Blue Moon Mulita. So much ginger in their salsa azul. Learned that the hard way about burritos myself once too - there’s bits of egg in there for some reason? Very strange.

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Natraliart (Jamaican)

Warrior: 7/10. I’m really starting to dig Jamaican food. We’ve ordered from Natraliart before, but I don’t remember it being this good. I liked every dish tonight. I think it is the liberal use of coconut oil that makes everything so tasty. The ackee with saltfish was not quite the best I’ve ever had, but it was very good. The curry shrimp was also better than average. Yummy food!

Peony: 7.5/10. Loved the food. Very tasty. Another wonderful experience with Jamaican food!


Holds up shockingly well in delivery!

Chicken Itza

Warrior: 7.5/10. Chichen Itza delivery was very good as always. The Tikin Xic, the pollo asado, the sopa de Lima, and the ceviche were all good. The one thing that disappoints me is they took their Sikil Pak off the menu.

Peony: 6.5/10. Good comforting food!


Tang Huo Kung Fu (KTown)

Warrior: 7/10. We’ve ordered from this Sichuan hot pot restaurant many times. It’s not very sophisticated, but I enjoy it. I crave it when I’m feeling tired—after heavy exercise or long drives, and today, after yesterday’s flu shot and covid booster. We always get the dry hot pot. (I tried the wet hot pot once and it wasn’t as good to my tastes.) There is a wide variety of proteins, veggies, and starches to choose from. I order extra spicy and extra numbing; Peony orders mild or medium and extra numbing. The extra spicy version is an intense flavor and endorphin bomb. It is really spicy, like Jitlada spicy. The quality of the fish has been poor in the past, so I go with shrimp and the three kinds of tofu they offer as my proteins. This really hit the spot! Today, we got the crawfish for the first time, and it was really good too. Peony tells me mala crawfish (麻辣小龙虾) is a famous Chinese dish. The cumin-y roasted skewers are also a winner.

Peony: 7/10. Great Sichuan food for takeout! Good quality ingredients and good flavor mix. You also get to choose various levels of spiciness. The dry pots are our favorite. They work really well for delivery, plus you get to pick your own mix of ingredients. A great choice for delivery if you crave some spicy Sichuan food.


Mizlala (West Adams)

Peony: 7.5/10. Loved everything tonight! The pargiyot chicken was tender and juicy, and the accompanying tahini sauce was tasty. The falafel were tasty from the inside out. (Some restaurants’ falafel are only tasty on the outside, and the inside is bland, but that was not the case with these falafel.) The roasted cauliflower had nice texture, although I wish it had a little more salt. The cucumber and tomato salad was simple and refreshing. Overall, another good experience with Mizlala delivery.

Warrior: 7/10. Mizlala offers good quality Israeli food. The falafel is excellent—in the competition for best in LA. They have a nice savory flavor and a good balance of crunchy exterior and moist interior. I wasn’t as impressed with the chicken as Peony was (I found it a little dry), but I did enjoy it. Generally, I appreciate the freshness of all the vegetables and the overall healthiness of the food.


Tulsi (Indian, DTLA)

Warrior: 7.5/10. Either I was wrong about this restaurant in my review earlier this year or it has really improved. I’ve visited in person several times for lunch recently in addition to tonight’s delivery. The food has been very good—the best Indian in DTLA in my opinion. They do a good job with dishes from multiple different regions. Perhaps the most impressive dishes tonight were the North Indian sarson ka saag (mustard greens, served with corn flatbread) and the malai kofta (vegetable dumplings). I’ve never seen the former dish in LA (though it is a classic), and Tulsi’s rendition of the latter dish is the best I can remember tasting in LA. The Indo-Chinese dishes (garlic fried basmati rice and sautéed roasted paneer with soy-tomato sauce) were really good too. I’m not a big fan of their dhokla (steamed lentil squares), which are a little sweet for me, but they are okay. (I would recommend the khandvi from the Western Indian/Gujarati menu instead.) We didn’t get any Southern Indian dishes tonight, but the restaurant does a good job with those too.

Peony: 7.5/10. I enjoyed almost everything tonight. I liked the two breads and the steamed lentil dhoklas. They worked really well with the curries. The malai kofta and saag were tasty and had the right level of spice for my tastes. The Indo-Chinese fried rice turned out really well as the texture of basmati rice is naturally dry and al dente. Very good Indian food for delivery.


Have you tried India’s Restaurant in Silver Lake? I’m not too experienced in Indian food but recently had lunch there and thought the food was quite good.

Warrior: I have eaten there a few times, including for dinner and the lunch buffet, though it has been many years. My thinking was that it was a solid restaurant with a North Indian menu that seemed copied and pasted from all the other Indian restaurants around the U.S., which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because those dishes can all be very good. I remember Yelpers seemed to love it, but I was never that fond. On the other hand, I remember liking it more than other Indian restaurants in that area (e.g., Agra). Anyway, it has been a very long time (eight years?). We will remember to try it again.

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