Dim Sum Staff From Enlighten Bistro 168 May Have Just Landed

That’s great boots-on-the-ground intel. Thanks!

My office is closed for the next 4 days though lolol.


How important is it to bring a friend who will eat all the leftover bad items??

I’m unsure, but they are very clear that they will charge you for uneaten food. I don’t know how strict they are with enforcement (i.e. if you don’t finish one of 4 pieces, is that ok?). To be clear, nothing we had was bad. Some things were average, like the rice rolls where the rice sheets were too thick. Most things were good!


agree on the rice rolls. yeah i hear they are strict. will charge if 1 piece is left. for those who are interested in going, avoid the mince pork dumps and beef tripe (2 of my favorite dim sum items, but not great here). do get the bean curd skin roll in soup