Dining In L.A. and Orange County Restaurants Allowed to Re-Open Now - Lessons Learned?


Nice! It took me a second to realize what I was looking at. (“Is this at Mitsuwa market’s fish section?”) :sweat_smile: Wow, his friend made him a plexiglass shield across the whole sushi counter.

Lol i called it!

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An insightful post from Guerrilla Tacos. I can’t imagine how tough it was for Chef Wes Avila (and all restaurant owners) during this pandemic:

"When we originally closed our doors on March 16, 2020 we truly did not know if they would ever be open again. We were so lucky to have the support of our community rally behind us.

Now today, almost 3 months later our local officials told us that we can re-open in an instant. We have had to pivot again and again day after day in order for our business to survive due to poor local leadership. We redesigned the dining room, we totally changed our menu, and we reduced our team nearly 80%. How is it expected that we can re-open in a day or even a week? Our local officials have truly failed restaurants. It is unsafe to give the greenlight to open without any fair warning.

Some desperate operators will open unsafely, willing to roll the dice, in order to save their business. Others, will stay closed and hope that they can financially maintain with take-out without the support of the government. Right now, independent Restaurant and bar owners need your voice. If you have eaten a sweet potato taco on the street curb, or taken a Cochiloco to the dome by yourself, we need your voice. You can help by continuing to prioritize takeout in order to stay safe at home, by reaching out to your local officials and demanding a voice for restaurants at the table, and by getting informed via the independent hospitality coalition (@cahospitalitycoalition). We want to be able to invite our super loyal supporters inside of a restaurant more than anything, but we are unwilling to do so unless we can do it 100% safely."
(Guerrilla Tacos via Instagram)


For those wondering if it’s too soon to re-open?

Per CBS News:

"Four popular Orange County restaurants experienced closures this week just as businesses are starting to reopen for summer.

Wednesday at HQ Gastropub in Huntington Beach, The Boiling Crab near South Coast Plaza in Santa Ana, as well as Javier’s and A Restaurant in Newport Beach, the doors were locked.

CBS2’s Michele Gile confirmed that three of the four are related to COVID cases discovered within the employee ranks.

An Instagram post from A Restaurant says it’s undergoing deep cleaning, sanitization and testing of staff. We have been unable to verify what prompted that closure.

The Orange County Health Department, according to the Board of Supervisors, is working with Javier’s which has at least one and maybe more employees who have tested positive for COVID.

On social media, Javier’s informed customers that it voluntarily closed and will reopen July 1 after deep cleaning and testing.

News of these closures come as the debate rages in Orange County over masks and whether people should be required to wear them.

Recently the mandatory mask policy was lifted but not for restaurant workers, who must wear face coverings at work.

An employee at The Boiling Crab told Gile the plan was to reopen Wednesday afternoon, but at least some customers were having second thoughts.

“It’s a little scary, but you know, trying to get out into the real world,” said one woman.

If there’s a cluster of cases in a workplace, a county public health services team can mandate that all staff be tested and that the facility close until it’s safe to reopen."

I don’t understand how a restaurant like Boiling Crab gets COVID-19, closes down and is targeting re-opening immediately? Wouldn’t the entire staff need to quarantine for 2 weeks to make sure they didn’t get it as well? :confused:

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Seems there isn’t much guidance, much less actual guidelines/rules on this.

From the WaPo:


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As a restaurant owner there is pretty much NO guidance from the city at all. The health department has swung by giving us some signage to post and a checklist of things we should be doing but theres no enforcement so far and all the things they say we should do don’t offer real life solutions, its pretty much a blanket approach. To be fair I’m not surprised but at the same time I do wonder what the city has been doing the past few months while many restaurants and businesses stayed shutdown.


In all fairness, they haven’t been giving explicit guidance for any business/organization. Just general rules in terms on what is and isn’t allowed and limits. I’ve had to plan for a large office opening as well as church opening… We had a big check list of what we needed to do and what would make us ‘in compliance’ but no guidance on how we were going to make it happen. Could we make our signs? (In the end, we opted not to because of liability) Were we required to provide masks for those who ‘forgot’ theirs? What we didn’t have two entry points? What if the second entry point was actually in a really bad place… We all had to deal with these questions on our own and aim for the safety of our staff/visitors/clients what not.