Dinner after symphony at Nick&Stef's

My parental units gave me their tickets for the symphony at Disney Hall on Sunday afternoon so I was looking for something that opened very early, since the performance was over at 4pm. Turns out Nick&Stef’s is walking distance and opened at 4:30pm! It was our first time going to this steakhouse. When we arrived, they tried to seat us at a table but my husband asked for a booth instead and they accommodated us. We ordered cocktails to start and then waited. And waited. The waiter apologized and said something about a change of bartender. When the cocktails arrived, the waiter said they were comped for the long wait. That was nice, especially since we hadn’t even complained. The whiskey one with eggwhites was a standout, but the tequila sour was also quite good.

We started with a salad that we split.

We ordered the tomahawk, which was a bone-in rib-eye, dry aged for 28 days. It was rolled out on a cart and cut tableside. On the cart were our sides. The trouble was the sides started to get cold while the steak was cut, since they were not well insulted.

The steak was fantastic! Very tender, well marbled and well seasoned. I will definitely go back for this cut!

The wine menu was not extensive and had too few bottles under $100, as if only people on expense accounts drank there.
Our waiter was great and our water glasses were always kept filled. The temperature of the dining room was perfect. I’ve been to many steakhouses that keep the dining rooms so cold that the meat starts to get cold immediately. They also have a large selection of free sauces that come with the steaks. I preferred the steak sauceless, it was so delicious but the blue cheese cream sauce was the bomb with the sweet potato fries.


The steak does look fantastic!
Certainly a nice complement to Rachmaninoff/Trifonov/Dudamel experience!

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Yes! Were you there? Or did you go another time? They had a standing ovation and Trifonov played another piece that performance!

Nick and Stef’s is one my favorite restaurants. Be it for steaks, happy hour, or just the “power lunch” or their very underrated crabcakes.

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Looks like a mighty fine meal!

Any Downtown workers nearby there is a garden at Disney Hall that is perfect for lunch/meeting/nap/make out session.


Will have to try their crabcakes next time I’m there!

Said like someone who has made out in that garden!

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Go for happy hour and try the crab cake sliders.

Hahahaha! Agree! I got married there, too. Great place to be.