Dinner in Torrance

I live in Torrance so thanks for pointing out the good stuff here. Check out I-Naba, which has a terrific affordable tempura omakase. I love Torihei and Ichimiann. Otafuku is a short drive away in Gardena and worth checking out. Also Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, which is as good as their K-Town location. Love Jidaiya, especially their Tokyo ramen, which is lighter than other ramen.


Head a bit north, if you don’t mind, to Gardena, and go to Painter’s Tape.

The stewed rice is like hipster congee (in a good way), and the charred broccoli comes with sake infused garlic … yes, sake infused garlic. 'Nuff said.

Their nabeyaki udon is tasty.


I’ve bookmarked Izakaya Hachi a while back, should I make it back to the area next time for dinner. The things that look appealing to me are the pork shabu shabu, fresh oysters and some random things from pictures of their special boards. What are your personal favorites items there / must try for first timer / signatures?

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Torihei is a good option. I-naba is one of my favorites. Both are good for a large group.
Another option in the area: Miyabi Uni

A virtual meal…

  1. Make sure to check the daily specials–they are written on the wall. Also ask your server!

  2. Cold Beer. Kanpai!

  3. Gobo Chip (Fried Burdock Root, Seasoned with Ao Nori and Salt)

  4. Ginnan (Ginkgo Nuts, Roasted & Salted)

  5. Finish beer, order sake. If you are having trouble choosing, your server will be happy to help.

  6. Select from their available oysters

  7. Sashimi Plate

  8. Beef Tongue

  9. Nankotsu Karaage (Fried Chicken Cartilage)

  10. Kani Cream Croquette (Creamy Crab Croquette)

  11. Grilled Pork Cheek

  12. This.

12.5) Raw Beef Liver

  1. Finish sake bottle (or two) and order shochu on the rocks. Mugi (Barley) for the more timid, imo (potato) for the more adventurous/experienced. During the summer, choose between on the rocks, mizuwari (mixed with water), or sodawari (mixed with soda)

  2. Motsu Nabe

  3. Battera Sushi (Mackerel)

  4. Add noodles or rice to your nabe stock after you have eaten all of the meat

  5. Still hungry? Uni Ikura Don

  6. Dashimaki Tamago

  7. Hand the check to @beefnoguy. Gochiso sama deshita!


You had me at



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Gimme Dem pork cheeks…

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That looks dam amazing…

For some reason I’ve been feeling like some motsunabe… How was it?

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Sorry if I misled anyone (@blimpbinge), these photos were swiped from Yelp to create a “virtual meal”.
I have not been to Hachi in a year or so…

The motsu nabe at Hachi is good, but most people head to Yamaya for motsu nabe.

Re: Yamaya
They just got a facelift and menu update. Their manager Masa is excellent.
Highlights: mentaiko, washugyu (crossbreed of the Japanese Black Wagyu and American Black Angus, raised in Oregon), wagyu, grilled horumon, motsu nabe.


Thx for the tip!

[quote=“Starchtrade, post:16, topic:6067”]
“virtual meal”.

Very curious as to what raw beef liver tastes like, anyone tried?

I had most of the dishes shown over the few times I have been to Izakaya Hachi. The Battera is better than anything I ever had. The grilled beef tongue is a must have as well.

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Oh yeah definitely Painter’s Tape, as I wrote about on Eater.

I like Miyabi in concept but it’s pretty darn expensive. It’s a splurge place for me.

Made reservation for Inaba with friends at the end of the month. But dropped by Sanuki no Sato on my way home from work this afternoon. Tiny bit of a wait and super warm service throughout.

Ordered this lunch set. The soba and udon were both quite nice. Tempura was good, but could have used a pinch of salt, and the eggplant piece was basically a grease sponge. But that’s just trifling compared to the overall experience. I will most certainly go back. Such an easy jump off of the 405.


Recently went to Sanuki No Sato with some family. I had gone there before for their udon and greatly enjoyed it, though I do prefer Marugame Monzo for udon. I had their tonkatsu and thought it was really good, succulent and nicely fried. A solid crispy piece. My wife’s tempura, on the other hand, lacked that crispness. Nevertheless, a solid choice and everyone enjoyed their meals. My go-to is also Inaba, but Sanuki works as well.
We did get to sit in the tatami room. You take your shoes off, but there is a place for you feet under the table, so you’re not sitting on your legs, but it’s like in a chair except on the ground.


Kagura question for everyone. Having a bday dinner there this week and have never had dessert there (always too full!). Their desserts look okay especially the black sesame chiffon cake. Anyone had the desserts at Kagura? Did you like them?

Wondering if I should bring a cake instead.:cake: