Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY -- VOTING

Great pics, @Sgee! Wow, where are those German/Japanese Easter cakes from?

I vote for PASTRIES!

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A depachika in Osaka, forgot which one…

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Those basement level food Nirvanas in Japan’s department stores are the things that dreams are made of. I forget which store in Kyoto it was (Takashimaya?), but they had two basement levels for food. One with non-sweet foods, and another with nothing but cakes, confections, pastries, etc. Food glorious food!

The problem for me with the average depachika is narrowing down my choices to where I can actually carry out the bounty. Locals can drop by these places any time - no pressure. I pitifully have the mindset that I may get only one shot at these food choices. Who knows when I will be back again?Philosophically I guess every moment in life might be a last shot deal. But for me, a depachika on the other side of the Pacific from where I live puts it in that perspective. If the depaato has a rooftop garden, that’s a bonus.

After visiting Japan, if one doesn’t get the sense that the Japanese are totally obsessed with food at all levels, then they didn’t step off the tour bus.


@bulavinaka @Sgee I love depachikas! Definitely one of the highlights in Japan. :smile:

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pair of kouigns


Thanks for your reply, @Sgee. I used to visit Japan a lot with my mom, and depachikas really bring back some wonderful memories. I remember being astonished by the outrageously expensive musk melons, packaged in wood boxes lined with velvet.

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