Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK

You forgot the stick picture.


they are still running under the radar. i really enjoy their beef ribs.

Those look glorious.

Maitiki is one of OC greats!

Nobody is doing a better plate lunch than this family. Nobody.

Not only the meats, but that Mac Salad is the business and I am addicted to that simple side green salad too.

If you Nor Cal’ers are visiting Disneyland make your way here. Take a Lyft. My LA FTC’ers, why not and hit up Little Saigon while you are at it. (either Brookhurst and Westminster area or Magnolia and Bolsa area, or both). You drive to Glendora in July for donuts, you can do it.

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Hi all, first post on DOTM. An international entry.

Went to an izaka in Kyoto last night. Torikizoku is a chain and offers an English menu, so not absolutely authentic. Some salarymen were smoking (not vaping) at tables around us. We were the only gaijin in the place. All the other patrons were still in work attire, albeit with loosened ties and sans jackets.

None of the staff we came in contact with spoke English. Per usual in Japan, they were invariably polite and friendly and we had a fun time communicating with gestures and menu pointing.

For the meat on stick part of the program, we had the izakaya fare that is not so common back home. Chicken parts: hearts, skin, knees, cartilage, pope’s nose, maybe a couple of other items.

Man/Woman do not live on skewers alone. We started with neat Jim Beams. Beer back for me, highball back for my partner. In keeping with izakaya decorum we had five drinks apiece, maybe more.

Apps were a salad and marinated chick gizzards. Sides were tofu w/shaved bonito and potato salad topped with shaved bonito.

Lest I forget to mention. EVERYTHING cost 280 yen each, about usd$2.51. We’ll probably hit up a couple of real izakaya in Osaka next week. That said, yesterday’s $66 for two was money well spent for a fun drinking evening. Thanks for listening.


$2.50? Sign me up! I N V U.

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Contrary to conventional wisdom, we don’t find Japan exceedingly expensive. Although gotta have the obligatory wagyu a5 when in Kansai. :wink:

Of course, wife has to have her fill of raw fish each and every day.


It’s pretty easy to eat well in Japan. Like here, the price ranges are wide. But in Japan, the QPR is better IMHO.

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Figures you’d use Howard Webb

I’m shocked I have not yet seen a Caesar salad on a stick at some ballpark or state fair.


Iowa State Fair
August 13 to 23; Des Moines;
Iowans don’t take their food lightly: One of the most popular attractions at the state fair is a veritable Madame Tussauds of dairy, featuring giant butter sculptures of Elvis Presley, Tiger Woods and Harry Potter. And another favorite is the prize hog, weighing in at a whopping 1,257 pounds. But fairgoers have been begging for something light to pair with the 6,000 pork chops they eat daily during the event. Last year, along with several other healthful options, fair organizers introduced salad on a stick. It’s about as light a dish as you can eat, at least until you smother it with dressing.




I’m making this for my next cookout.

I don’t know, this place is getting busier and busier. This visit, the place was packed and many to go orders.

There was so much smoke they had to open the doors. :joy:


Dammit! But good for them , bad for me

They crank out the food pretty fast though so seat turnover is relatively quick.

Have you or anyone had the chicken at Matiki?

I always get the beef ribs. :yum:


corazon anticucho - beef heart skewers, rustic rocoto pepper, feta cheese, walnut sauce
Have a heart #eatyourheartout


my head just exploded.
apologies for taking the first pic and not searching for
pierluigi collina.

How did it taste???

Haven’t had the chicken. Just the beef ribs and the kalbi

Yeah, they are so freaking good. I sort of forget about them as an option when I head down that way for random errands.