Dizengoff--Amazing Pita and Hummus

It stays relatively fluffy a day later.


I recently moved to NY from my beloved LA. :frowning: But I’m sure I’ll learn to love this place!

At any rate, I had been on a pursuit of crazy good hummus back in LA but had never really found it. So I thought in my first week in NY, I’d give the exalted Dizengoff a shot. Pita, lamb-carrot-hazelnut hummus, and corn-schug salad.

Absolutely the best hummus I have had stateside. Insanely creamy, a perfect ratio of tahini:chickpea, and the toppings were absolute perfection in flavor. My only complaint is that there really isn’t enough hummus haha.

There were 3 of us sharing this (as we were trying some other places around Chelsea Market) and we all thought there wasn’t enough of the actual hummus. Next time, we would probably get the family meal deal (pint of plain hummus, chicken, salad, 4 pita for $36) to really get a bang for buck, especially as we enjoyed Dizengoff more than other places in the market.

The pita was good but not the best I’ve had, to be honest. I may have to ask for a bit more ‘well done’ next time since I felt it was a bit underdone.

I really want to give Zahav a try in Philadelphia, if I can make my way there.

Edit: I forgot to mention the zaatar shaker and the spicy sauce (pomegranate I think?) which were awesome additions to the hummus and even plain pita! Loved it all!

Where did you go in L.A.? 3 summers ago, I believe it was, I went to Hummus House in Hawthorne. The hummus is not the thing I most remember from the meal (the lentil soup was fantastic!), but L.A. has very good Levantine food. I guess I have to try this place. No pita, though: I’m now on a strict keto diet, no cheating!

This is the sabich with Israeli salad as a side. The eggplant is fried retained its crispness in the hummus, but maybe a little too much breading as it leaned more salty than eggplanty. Couple next to me was from Philly and said theirs was good but that the food was better at the original Philly location. Guy on the other side of me had shakshuka which they serve on the weekends - he pronounced it just pretty good. Israeli rose was perfect for the 85% heat and humidity.