Does anybody sell old-school high-acid pineapples?

Thai groceries? Cambodian?

In recent years, all I can ever find are the low-acid “gold” varieties, which aren’t right for recipes where the pineapple’s used as a souring agent.

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Has anyone tried the fair-trade pineapples from Costa Rica at Whole Foods? The label said nothing about “Gold.”

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I had one and thought it was very good, but I do not have strong memories of the high acid pineapples of yesteryear

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I have no idea what that is but it made me realize I have not mentioned the delicious grilled pineapple at H & H Brazilian BBQ at the Beverly Center.

The whole meal was great - WAY better than Fogo de Chao which has really deteriorated through the pandemic.



Good Intel!

i cant even find organic ones in this village for tepache

No Whole Foods?

Nope… I’ll have her stop on her commute.

I should check A Fresh huh. We do have that now