Donna's - Echo Park

I enjoyed my dinner here and will definitely come back. cozy space reminded me of the red sauce italian places in south philly.

I was surprised when the shrimp scampi secondi hit the table with the apps. I quickly realized why, there was a lot of delicious scarpetta’ing going on with that sauce. ht to the server for coursing it out that way, she knows what’s up.

fried calamari - squid ink aioli, pomodoro, lemon

garlic bread - sourdough, roasted garlic, oregano, parmigiano

fusilli alla vodka - ricotta, chili oil, pecorino romano

spaghetti & meatballs - pomodoro, basil, parmigiano

lasagna rollatini - bolognese, parmesan fonduta, pomodoro

cannoli - candied orange & pistachio


Really enjoyed our meal here Saturday night. Garlic bread, fusilli, lasagna, veal piccata all hit.

Cocktails were awesome too

Dang sounds like the veal piccata was the move. Will have to go back and try again!

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@PorkyBelly has pre ESP lol tries a place while I think about it.

Favorite dishes @PorkyBelly ?

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I like this place too!

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I like their food, but I’m an even bigger fan of the vibe. Partially attributable to the location, but it just feels like a really cool spot with a good crowd. Similar to their other places Lowboy and Bar Flores.


highlights were the garlic bread, shrimp scampi, fusilli and lasagna.