Don't do POT

Don’t try POT [spoiler]Pizza[/spoiler].

It is truly awful stuff, and overpriced. It will make your clothes smell bad, and while you might feel good for a moment or so, it’s like sludge going down the pipes. Even Drano® would tap out and cry uncle.

Granted, I’ve only tried POT Pizza, once but honestly in the same 'hood, I’d just as soon go to Koreatown Pizza Company down the street on Wilshire, or Pizza Go on 3rd St.

Just don’t do POT [spoiler]Pizza[/spoiler].

POT [spoiler]Pizza[/spoiler].
3515 Wilshire Blvd
(lobby of the Line Hotel)

I ate at Commissary brunch a few weeks ago–abysmal. The service wasn’t good, the food platters were continually not full, and by early afternoon they had stopped replenishing some of the things on the printed buffet menu. (Menu was supposed to run until 10:00pm.)

Ah well.

I went once within a week or two of when it opened. I didn’t love it and never went back. I remember it was so loud in there I could barely hear my friend across the table.