Dry hot pot on the Westside; iFood Chinese

Went today and had a very solid sweet and sour pork and scallion pancake. Both very good if not utterly amazing. Great QPR - always nice to have lots of leftovers from a $7.50 lunch special. Gonna have to go with a friend and get that dry hot pot though.

It’s like a little slice of SGV heaven in the foul, palpitating black heart of West LA.

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Not quite the Heart of Darkness scenario in 2018…

WestLA now has Tasty Noodle on Sawtelle, Qin West on Westwood Blvd, Northern Cafe in Westwood Village, Popcorn Chicken on Sawtelle, and Meizhou Dongpo in Century City, each proffering very, very legit SGV-caliber Chinese food.


now the migration just needs to spread north towards Palmdale.


The scallion pancake I ordered at iFood was a tad too greasy and bland (read: devoid of scallion taste). But maybe Sergio wasn’t in that day…

Oh I forgot to mention Little Fatty (Mar Vista) on my WestLA Chinese list - Now, THAT scallion pancake is 'da bomb.


Oh, I first I thought you were just describing the general area, not the (relative) lack of Chinese food in the (immediate) area. I was like, “Wow, harsh!!!” :wink:

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The ability to get decent cocktails/beer with the food at Little Fatty/Accomplice cannot be overestimated.


Anyone recently have Little Fatty’s lu rou fan and beef noodles?

Yes, the niu rou mian (beef noodles) is excellent now.

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Consistency can be a problem at Little Fatty, which I find annoying in a restaurant. I always check out who’s manning the wok station, there’s been some turnover over the years, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.