Egg Rolls in Los Angeles

Keeping costs as low as possible. I hate those filling for egg rolls.

Egg Roll King near Glassell Park sells them too.

This thread got me looking to see if there were any old-school NY-style egg rolls in the SF Bay Area. Yelp found a few places, but when I drilled down they turned out to be in LA!

Even the Egg Rolls in NY are not as good as I remember from my youth there.
That said, Genghis Cohen’s version is fairly close to a traditional NYC Egg Roll.
So is Chubby Rice’s:


Echo @CiaoBob chubby rice does a good old school take out egg roll

Chubby Rice’s was a greasefest, probably had 1/8 cup of oil dripping off my order when I went, Plus the ground pork filling just wasn’t my thing, guess because I want the old school bbq pork.

Agreed, Ghengis Cohens were pretty close I guess, too.

@CiaoBob brings up a great point. Maybe I am romanticizing my memories. Maybe if I went back home, I wouldn’t like them as much as I used to.

I haven’t had a NY egg roll before, but I love the one at Chubby Rice. Goes really well with their homemade mustard, too.

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Or maybe they just disappeared in NY as well. Like Chinas Comidas.

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Tan’s House in Yorba Linda does NY style egg rolls. Cant quite figure the place out since they have all the expected items like egg rolls, the super thick skinned dumplings, beef with broccoli, etc that I would see in every place in Long Island but also serve shepherds purse, eel wire and some other items that I have not seen in similar restaurants. Was nice to get the egg roll itch scratched but other than that no particular reason to go back.

Check out this photo on Yelp


Pearl River in San Jose