Fantastic Japanese Tapas (Izakaya) hits West Hollywood - Aburiya RAKU - pictures

Next time, you MUST order the pork cheek.

Nice CiaoBob! Can’t wait to hear what you think. :smile:

@Mr_JJ, Raku has that sauce! :slight_smile: I used it on the Roasted Pig Ears skewer. Really delish!

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cue to music…

Nice - why can’t I match my hair and eyebrow colors to my kimono’s like that???

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Bet there’s a spot on la cienega that can help u out with that before dinner!

I was eyeing that! Noted. Thanks for the rec. :smile:

Hi @js76wisco,

Thanks. BTW, on the LA menu there are 3 type of Tofu on the menu: Raku Tofu, Agedashi and Oyaji Tofu. Did you try the 3rd one? Not worth ordering?

Also has anyone tried the Kurobuta Pork Ribs before? Worth ordering?

I don’t remember if the Oyaji Tofu is on the menu at LV. The Raku Tofu was fantastic though. It is nice to be able to get half orders if you don’t have a big group to try the different preparations.

@js76wisco definitely! Love the 1/2 order capability for the tofu. I’ll guess I’ll have to try the Oyaji Tofu next time and report back. :smile:

Very nice. Now I need to go back…

It was thanks to you and others @chrishei that made me want to go in the first place LOL. Thanks. :smile:

is this joint ok for fucking pescatarians ???

thanks guys.

kev, i went to the one in vegas with a lacto ovo vegetarian and made out just fine.

I see. thanks man.

what was that bar in vegas that you liked to down some serious fucking cocktails ???

herbs and rye.


Just looked over the menu again, and like @linus said, definitely OK for pescatarians. Glancing over the menu it feels like ~40% of the menu is safe at least (and their Daily Specials were almost all fresh fish dishes of some sort (like the amazing Kanpachi I had).

BTW, kevin, you don’t eat Chicken? You were just eating beef a few weeks ago, right? LOL.

sweet. thanks man.

my diet is fucked up to the fucking max.

doc’s orders.

but i have friends that are pescas for now.

exactly… consuming way too fucking much red meat. gotta cut back severely.

@kevin gotcha. Get healthy! :smile:

And there’s so much awesomeness via fish, veggies and grains anyways. :wink:

With all that money you saved from eating red meat, you know what you gotta splurge for?

White Truffle Tasting Menu! LOL.