Favorite Charcuterie Shops (To Go)?


Christmas ended up being a blur of hosting and events, I totally forgot to post about this, sorry. First off a big Thank You! to everyone who chimed in with suggestions for Charcuterie and Cheese selections! :slight_smile: Thanks @ebethsdad @ipsedixit @nashwill @Local @frommtron @aaqjr @hungryhungryhippos and others.

Despite it being so close to us, we have been avoiding Eataly for the longest time, hearing about the awful parking situation and mixed reports from everyone. I originally really wanted to go, but after the crazy reports here on FTC, it felt like a zoo I didn’t want to visit. But with this new Charcuterie need, we decided to stop by there first (since it was closest)…

Parking was indeed a madhouse. The Century City Parking Lot was completely full and they directed everyone to park in surrounding parking lots! Ugh. :frowning: At this point, we so just felt like driving away to other suggestions on this thread, but stuck it out and found parking in a neighboring lot.

Walking in, I can see the appeal of Eataly. It has so many different food-related “stations”, for Wine, Butchery, Imported Canned & Dry Goods and a plethora of Restaurant / Food Stalls.

But we were here for Charcuterie and Cheese selections. We had to remind ourselves to stay focused… :wink:

There was a line to get to the Charcuterie counter. 15+ minutes later, we arrived at the front. Luckily the person at the counter was super nice. He let us sample multiple cuts of Charcuterie and a few Cheeses as well (@TheCookie), so that made choosing the right cuts a bit easier (and tastier). :slight_smile:

They had 10 different types of Prosciutto alone, and some interesting offerings from various regions we hadn’t tried before:

We ended up getting for our Christmas Charcuterie Board:

  • Bresaola (Beef Charcuterie) from Washington: This was a recommendation by the person behind the counter, he said it was his favorite cut and it was indeed deeply beefy and flavorful. A nice contrast to the other Pork products. :slight_smile:

  • Soppressata: They had a beautiful, lightly spicy Soppressata.

  • Salami (forgot the exact name): I thought I had the receipt still, but couldn’t find it, but the nice charcuterie person recommended a Salami from a North American provider, and it was deeply porky and perfect to contrast with the other 2 selections. :slight_smile:

Then we chose a few Cheeses as well:

I believe the person said Eataly carries over 200(!) different types of Cheeses, which makes it a nice place to get all your choices done if you were short on time.

We ended up sampling and then getting:

  • Ossau-Iraty: A French-Basque Sheep’s Milk Cheese. This was wonderful! I loved the slightly funky flavor (like many Sheep’s Milk Cheeses), but mellows out and has a creaminess as you eat it. This was lovely! :heart:

  • Moses Sleeper (Jasper Hill Creamery): This Cow’s Milk Brie-Style Cheese was a hit at our dinner party. :slight_smile: So creamy, spreadable and devoured within the first 30 minutes of us putting it out, LOL.

  • Honeywax (San Pietro): From Vento, Italy, this Cow’s Milk Cheese is prepared and then coated in Beeswax to age and finish. The end result was incredible! :heart: Most of our FTC Cheese Masters probably know about this, but we hadn’t tried this before until now. There’s a good creamy, cheese foundation of course, but the finish is this incredible subtle Honey Beeswax flavor. This was another hit at the party. :blush: (@TheCookie)

We were only planning to pop in to try and see what we might get and try some of the other places like @ipsedixit and @Local’s recommended Milkfarm, but they were already sold out for the holidays (we called) and then Eataly sucked us in, but actually had enough selection (and free samples, letting us try a variety of Charcuterie and Cheeses before buying) that we ended up getting everything we needed here. :slight_smile:

Was it worth fighting the horrendous Holiday parking and crazy crowds? I’m not sure, but it all worked out in the end. Thanks @frommtron and everyone again! :blush:

Eataly L.A.
(in the Century City Mall)
10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Tel: (213) 310-8000


If the charcuterie was from Seattle, there’s a good chance it came from Batali’s father’s salumeria business. It was on my list to check out, but I never made it due to time constraints. From reports, I hear it’s very good.
I love Ossau-Iraty, too! I source mine from Epicurus in North Hollywood…the pricing is terrific there.


I think the key to happiness parking for Eatily is to go to the Side lot off of Avenue of the Stars I think it is. Pretty sure it was @ipsedixit who mentioned it and in makes getting in and out MUCH easier.

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Thanks @attran99. :slight_smile: That’s good to know about the Seattle salumeria. I’ll have to ask next time, or if you get a chance to stop by, sample it (for free) and see what you think. :slight_smile:

And yes, Epicurus was our next stop, but after spending so much time in Eataly on that day, and thankfully they had plenty of choices for Charcuterie and Cheeses, we got everything we needed and just went home wiped out, LOL. I definitely want to try Epicurus soon.


Nice @Chowseeker1999!

One-stop shopping at Eataly is kinda’ hard to resist once you’re in there. :grin:

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Hi @Chowseeker1999, this parking trick has always worked for me:

Eataly - Century City


Yay! Glad Eataly worked for you. I haven’t been back in a little while so I’m wondering if the madness is tempered a bit


I picked up some Honeywax (San Pietro) after reading your post. Excellent!


Update 2:


A huge thanks to @ipsedixit @Local for the recommendation, this year for Christmas, we were able to get in our order in time. :slight_smile:

Milkfarm has a nice selection of Cheeses and Charcuterie available for you to pick and choose as you want. They also offer their own special Milkfarm Cheese Board (pre-chosen with 3 Cheeses and 1 type of Salumi for the Small Board).

We chose to order a Milkfarm Cheeseboard (Small) and supplement it with some additional Charcuterie.

Milkfarm Cheese & Charcuterie Combo Board (S):

They normally come on a Milkfarm wooden serving board (and you’re charged a deposit until you return it), but for Christmas it was a madhouse and they ran out of boards.

No matter, the presentation, condiments and selection were excellent! :slight_smile:

Idiazabel - Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese (Spain):

Nice inherent funkiness from the Raw Sheep’s Milk base, but also creamy and mellow enough that it was a hit at the party. :slight_smile:

Cantal - Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese (France):

This was the most popular Cheese with everyone, devoured the fastest. :sweat_smile: The firm Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese had an easy, creamy, buttery taste. :slight_smile:

D’Affinois - Cow’s Milk (France):

This was a Double-Cream Soft Cow’s Milk Cheese, almost as soft as a typical Brie, creamy and spreadable, but it had more punch and character than a Brie (which is more mellow and smooth).

Calabrese Sopprasata (San Francisco, CA):

This was fine. Lightly spicy, salty. Not the best Calabrese I’ve had before, but solid.

Big Chet Fennel & Garlic Salami (Minneapolis, MN):

(No pics - I forgot to take it, sorry.)

This was the biggest hit at the party: The Fennel and Garlic really punched up the flavors in this Salami, fragrant, lightly aromatic and almost sweet and savory in a way. :heart: (@TheCookie @attran99 and others.)

They also carry Bub and Grandma’s Baguettes, so we picked some up as well. :slight_smile:

Milkfarm seems like a great local Cheese & Charcuterie Shop in the Eagle Rock area that really saved some time for the holiday party (and for any occasion) with their Cheese & Charcuterie Boards. They have a nice selection of Cheeses and were happy to give out samples. Their Charcuterie selection is a bit small, but is sufficient and nice, especially for locals in the area.

We like the selection (and the proximity) of Eataly a bit more, but the Milkfarm Boards they put together with the nice condiments and layout made the potluck really easy (and it looked professional). :wink: We’ll be glad to return to try out more selections.

2106 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Tel: (323) 892-1068


The Idiazabel is an excellent choice! I get that from Epicurus every now and then. What a cool shop!


Yes its a great place. Very good sandwiches and you can get fresh Gioia mozzarella and burrata there.

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Received an e-mail a few days ago that Cheesemongers of Sherman Oaks will be closing in a few wks…

Sad. Nice people.

I went in Saturday after getting the email and there was a bunch of people in there loading up which was good to see. Kia and Tyler seemed grateful, but they’re very happy with their decision to close up shop. They’re looking to get out of the food service industry entirely. Everything in the store including furniture and refrigerators are for sale so if you’re in the market for anything of the sort they’d be happy to sell to you.

Anyone know another place for good meat and cheese in the valley?


Ralphs has that partnership with Murray’s cheese. The cheeses are precut and not well taken care of, but the selection is good. Haven’t found anywhere else in the Valley.

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Sad news about Cheesemongers…

Meanwhile in Long Beach, they have three Cheese Shops! All of them quite good, but for Charcuterie, my favorite is Oh La Vanche. They have some items that not even Eatly has like the Salame Rosa, which is this amazing hybrid of Salame and Mortadella. It’s one of my favorite charcuterie plate ads.


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I’m a regular at Epicurus but all their cheese is pre sliced and vacuum packed. Sadly it is the best we got on this side of the hill now.

Drive to the Chese Store of Beverly Hills.
No substitue for the best.

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Ask for Tony