Favorite Passover dishes/treats

Yep, that’s Passover, something new and trendy every year.


LMAO - fucking hilarious!

Personally I hate the Jewish holidays. All our holidays involve pain and suffering except Hanukkah which is about how we got 8 days worth of oil for the price of 1. Yes, we do celebrate epic bargains, too. But mostly pain.

The best thing about Passover is gefilte fish and days and days of matzoh brei.


I used to love the ginormous jar of Rokeach gefilte fish at COSTCO. I’d eat a couple pieces every day. But they haven’t had it in a few years, instead they sell a two pack of small jars of a different brand for 5x the price.

See, our holidays ARE about pain and suffering.

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This one?


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That is definitely the brand. Wow, that looks like a #10 can. I think it was that. The Amazon price is actually not that bad.

The one at Costco looked like a giant jar, like a big version of this:

It was so cheap too. Times have changed.

It’s got a hint of sweet, very slight. Really good. I cannot find it here anymore except the higher end markets, like Gelsons.

Now I have a really bad hankering for it. I may have to go cash out of some securities and go buy a jar.


I like it all, more than when I was a youngster at the Passover Table. All of the above, plus Matzo Ball Soup, my son in law’s Brisket, lots of fresh veggies, and my shiksa’s Flourless Chocolate Cake! Even a bottle of Manischewitz for old times’ sake. Most of all having my family around me.
Happy Passover to all, and Easter this Sunday!