Favorite Restaurants San Fernando Valley (SFV)?

I’ve not been myself, but a co-worker once mentioned Brandywine in Woodland Hills. Decor in photos looks… tired.

Saddle Peak Lodge (if you consider that SFV)?

I think @CiaoBob had also posted a quick review of a recent dinner at Scratch Bar.

Morton’s - Woodland Hills
Ruth’s Chris - Woodland Hills
Roy’s - Woodland Hills
Saddle Peak Lodge - Calabasas/Malibu
Larsen’s - Woodland Hills (haven’t been myself but heard good things)
Peasant Bistro - Tarzana – friends went and said it was great with nice atmosphere

Saddle Peak is wonderful. Their Elk Tenderloin is one of the best dishes in LA

Oh yea steak, you forgot my favorite steak-house - Monty’s

Thanks for the others.

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They have one of my favorite things in the world. The bacon wrapped herb-stuffed shrimp (shrimp monty’s). I used to work on the same floor as Monty’s when they were in Westwood on Glendon.

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Song Phat

The wonton soup here kicks Bale Valley’s ass, but Bale Valley’s cornish game hen is far superior to these quails.

Hospitality here is several notches above Bale Valley as well. Most patrons are regulars.


Got Sushi

Is that the one on Reseda that is half burger place and half sushi bar? I’ve heard mixed reviews on that one.

it’s good for what it is, meaning lower/middle tier player with a heavy focus on “melt in your mouth” + sauces + rolls. I usually spend $60pp there and leave stuffed. You’re pretty much a baller if you spend > $50pp here.


Good to know. We usually go to Katsu-ya. Will have to check this place out. DH’s not big on rolls and fusion stuff so hopefully their sushi and sashimi is good.

I only been to Bills and Brents.

Both were a great experience!

Bill was kinda cranky that day. Some dude on the other counter asked about “fries” and the customer next to him quickly told him the deal before Bill noticed. Would have love to see Bills response. I like the cheeseburgers, too. I find myself preferring a simple cheeseburger these days. Can’t beat that experience sitting on a counter outdoors. Marty’s on the Westside is also a lot of fun and has that outdoor counter as well. The guys there are funny and they serve Orange Bang!

Brents is great. You walk in and your transported to another place and time. Even better is hearing those wonderful NYC accents. That Black Pastrami Reuben ain’t no joke. Very tasty. My heart is still with Langers. Don’t forget to order a egg cream! You can get that at Langers too.

Also went to Wat Thai on a weekend if that counts.

Would love to see a light rail on Ventura and the Orange Line Bus into rail.

Got Joe’s bookmarked in my head if I go to Universal, although I love the falafel at Kareems in Little Arabia Anaheim.

Hope to see and eat more.

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The best thing @ Joes are the wraps with fresh laffa bread, not the falafel IMO. You also need to remember to ask for their crack hot sauce.


When did Wat Thai LA reopen?

My report in Feb.

Not sure if anyone else can confirm since

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Cicek’s Chicken, Devonshire / Mason

Pretty damn good! Very tender chicken, white meat actually tasted magnificent. Drawback is skin not quite as crispy as I’d like, but a few minutes under the toaster made the situation better.

$12 for a whole chicken + garlic sauce + pita. They got the good thin pita too.

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Been there a couple times since it changed from Sevan to Cicek. It’s OK. We don’t care for the soggy skin either, but once we ate in, and once we took it to go to my parent’s house, so we weren’t able to crisp the skin up. The second time, the chicken was extra salty too, which was annoying.

Anyone else in the area playing that rotisserie game you’d recommend?

Given your experience, Ciceks appears to prioritize tenderness over crispy skin as standard operating procedure.

Not really, at least in this area. We usually grab a Costco rotisserie chicken. We also grab a tub of the Sabra hummus from there. Trader Joe’s has a Garlic Spread/Dip that is amazing, along with pita or their middle eastern flatbread. I usually throw together a cucumber tomato feta salad, or something along those lines, and sometimes I make tzatziki if I’m in the mood.

That’s dinner one night, and leftovers for 4 lunches the next day.

California Chicken Cafe on Reseda/Nordhoff does rotisserie chicken. It’s decent. I prefer their salads to their plates though.

Saj bakery and Italia are always decent for a sandwich or two.

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Ehhh for all that work I’d rather just go to Cicek’s lol