Favorite Restaurants San Fernando Valley (SFV)?

It depends on what you order and how spicy you ask for it to be. The deviled chicken can be very spicy.

Following are some suggestions based on our taste. I will try to keep it to places others haven’t mentioned unless I want to give an extra vote or add some information.

  • +1 on CF Kitchen. The food is good, has a lot of choices, and the husband and wife owners are quite nice. The only downside is that it can be slow at times.
  • Lola’s Baja Tacos in Granada Hills. It’s very tasty. We think that we like spicy food but have to order it medium there…
  • For standard Americanized Mexican, we go to Sol y Luna by CSUN. Same ownership as Las Fuentes, etc. but closer for us. I prefer Freebirds World Burrito in Granada Hills to Chipotle for burritos and bowls as they use grass fed beef which improves the taste.
  • Owl’s in Porter Ranch for Ice Cream. We think it is quite good and not just “it’s down the street and one of the rare non chain places in Porter Ranch” good. They also have above average frozen yogurt and I appreciate some of their non-sugar added flavors of yogurt.
  • We love Hummus Bar and Grill in Tarzana for kabobs and great salads and sides. However, if we want food to go close to home, the filet mignon kabobs at Ciceks Chicken in Chatsworth are about $10 with sides and pretty decent.
  • We finally tried Cici’s Tarzana for their well known pancake menu. I am one that thinks about pancakes for a long time before having them and am usually disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed. There were tons of different choices and I appreciated that you can get them with Pistachios and other less common flavors.

Thanks for all the recs. Some of the places mentioned are in our regular rotation already (Sol Y Luna, Hummus Bar and Grill, Lola’s) but I got some new ideas to check out. :slight_smile:

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Please give us a report when you try places.

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Peru taste Excellent rec. @CiaoBob. I believe this is the best Peruvian I’ve had in LA so far. Killer aji sauce!

Ceviche Mixto

Tacu tacu a lo mocho. Enjoyed the addition of bacon/ham (?); lent a nice smoky flavor to the Tacu Tacu


whoa… whoa… whoa… so this is happening soon lol

and it’s across the street from Adana where i like to stop in for


Great to hear! Love that place. It is as Peruvian giant corn. I think I am still stuffed from the tacu tacu I had a few years ago there.


@Nemroz what is that pictured from Adana? looks delicious

Looks like khachapuri.


Don Adrian: Best cemitas I’ve ever had by a mile.

Baja Subs: The menu is mediocre Mexican, but the Sri Lankan food they serve off the menu is truly outstanding. Try the Kottu Roti.


looks great - gotta try it
nice review/spotlight from eaterla about a year ago that I missed (until now)

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Its a good place. Make sure you get the string cheese added to your cemita. Catty corner to it is Lola’s pollo la brasa (possible spelling mistake) which is good Peruvian chicken with the best soggy French fries I have ever tasted.


lola’s is very good chicken.

i think the cemitas at don adrian are terrif. it’s a teeny place, so be mindful
of when you go.
oh, and make sure you get them to add the papalo to your cemita.

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they’re called Adjarakan Khachapuri… many of the Armenian bakeries make them. Adana is a decent one. This is Adana on Roscoe, not the persian Adana in Glendale which we just tried yesterday (MEH)

Agree with the string cheese (“quesillo”). I like it on their cemitas instead of the default cheese (“panela”).

I also agree with @linus to try the papalo, although it’s not for everyone (some liken it to cilantro or tasting like soap).

Another rec for Cemitas Don Adrian.


Picked up one today, very good! Just a warning to anyone interested; takes about 20-25mins to prepare, best to call in advance.

P.S @WesSabi. Based on personal experience, omitting ‘Adjarakan’ in your order, yields something completely different.

Interesting. I live across the street from Old Sasoon Bakery and have always just ordered it as khachapuri.The only thing they ask is if I want one egg or two in it. What’s the difference between khachapuri and Adjarakan khachapuri?

I ended up with this instead when I ordered a khachapuri.


oh man… my people are great at customer service.