Favorite Restaurants San Fernando Valley (SFV)?

Apey Kadey is legit. Also try India Sweets and Spices in Woodland Hills for rotis.

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Shi Do Rak in Northridge is good for BBQ
Evergreen on White Oak is another good mom&pop option

Sushi recs:

  1. Go’s Mart
  2. 4 on 6
  3. Shibuya (Calabasas)
  4. Sushi Iki

Apey Kade is great. Almost good enough to drive out from DTLA.

Not spicy at all. At least not for me.


Thanks @hhewitt @ipsedixit. Good to know. I’ll have to stop by and try it. :slight_smile:

Barones Pizza now on Oxnard is one of the all time classic pizzas in LA. IMO second only to La Barberas. Remember though only for pizza (everything else sucks) and only this location (which is the only one tied to the original). Been around since 1945. Sausage is the best. Best for take out as the space is depressing. Pizza is GREAT and one of a kind.


Have you been to Woodlands? I only went once maybe 8 yrs ago, but I remember being quite pleased w/ the dosa I had.

Just checked the website. Management changed in 2007, which I think was prior to my visit.

Looks like they do an Indo-Chinese dinner buffet w/ unlimited dosas on Wed. Might be an interesting report to make. :wink:

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We aren’t fans of Shik Do Rak… been there 3-4 times and wasn’t impressed. We’ve been planning on trying the new Gen AYCE place across the street but haven’t made it there yet.

We like to save Go’s Mart for date night. My kids could eat their weight in sushi, so it’s not a place we take them. We were supposed to go to Shibuya last week, but I wasn’t feeling too hot and didn’t want to go out. I think we’ll hit it up after I get back from my trip to Malaysia (which is one of my favorite eating destinations ever).

It’s funny, because a couple friends and I were just talking about going to Woodlands on a Wednesday to try the Indo-Chinese buffet. I’ve only been there a handful of times, but for the weekend buffet, which was decent. One friend tried it and said it’s good, so we were going to give it a try next month. I’ll report back.


Woodlands is good for Southern Indian vegetarian. And you can’t beat dosa night!

Apey Kade in Tarzana (within sight of the Woodland Hills sign) and Baja Subs in Northridge for Sri Lankan.

Red Chili and Tawakal for Pakistani.

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Haven’t heard of this place b/f. Is it new? I occasionally make the trek out to Northridge to see a friend; it’ll be nice to have another option! :slight_smile:

Baja Subs has been there a while, though I just made it in last year. Small menu (just 10 items), but good: malu paan, kottu roti. Great biryanis, but only available on Saturdays in heaping portions.


Try CF food kitchen on Devonshire and Joe’s Cafe on Chatsworth in Granada Hills. CF Food Kitchen is an eclectic Southern/Creole lunch and dinner place. Joes Cafe is good for breakfast and lunch. For tepanyaki and reasonable sushi & sashimi, we go to Musashi’s in the Porter Ranch Plaza. But there are much better places elsewhere in the valley. That’s just close to home.

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I highly recommend checking out Sushi Tanaka in Simi if you need an alternative close to home.

Some more options:

  • More than Waffles in Encino (totally mobbed even on weekdays, so be prepared for a LOOOONG wait; I think it’s fine, but I think the mob is more b/c there’s not a ton of stuff in the area?)

  • Cici’s (Tarzana?): totally respectable breakfast/casual unch place

  • Itzak Hagadol in Encino (Israeli; the salad spread is amazing for volume): http://www.itzikhagadol.com


Some everyday kinda joints:

+1 on Brents Deli

Las Fuentes for inexpensive and decent Mexican

Casa De Soria (from Ventura) just opened up on Sherman Way at Topanga. My Ventura friends like the Ventura location… A lot and are regulars.

I know you said west of the 405 but on Sepulveda in Van Nuys you have Sam Woo, Mercado Buenos Aires, and Phở 999.

My favorite Mexican place is also west (Edit: I meant east!) of 405, a ways in NoHo, but I would be remiss in not suggesting it: Salsa and Beer. The meat is smokey good and great crispy carnitas. Can get busy, hard to park at times, spend the day there eating and drinking margaritas!

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+1 Las Fuentes (same owners as Salsa and Beer??? Not sure.)

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NoHo is east, no? Google search indicates that there’s one there and one Lake Balboa/Reseda. Is this a branch of the place from Ensenada? The name sounds familiar…

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Yes! Thank you, it was a typo! I’m correcting the original post.