Feast Cat Opens In Irvine

Since there isn’t an OC Update section, I’ll start a separate thread for the newly opened and oddly named Feast Cat restaurant in Irvine in the University Shopping Center on Culver and Michelson. Besides loving the name, it’s a really interesting Chinese restaurant which apparently wants to appeal to all stripes of Mainland Chinese students attending UC Irvine. It starts off with a section of grilled whole fish, which as you may know is a pricey item at almost $30. The menu then has sections of frog and other dry pots, hotpots and skewers. Also Sichuan, Hunan, and Tianjin style noodle dishes as well as dumplings and other things. Menu kind of reminiscent of what you see on menus at Chinese restaurants in college towns in the Midwest and East Coast. Tianjin noodles were quite good, beef noodle soup was just average.