February 2024 Rundown

Happy February


Last bite at PRD today was this deeeelicious piece of fried chicken. Everything sold out around 1:15pm.

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Where’s good right now for a birthday? Sunday 11th or Monday 12th. 150-200pp. She likes Italian, French, Japanese, Middle Eastern – really anything, but for a nice dinner those are tops.

Just fyi, for better or for worse, this is Super Bowl Sunday. Either rules it out if you care or if you don’t might be a great day to aim for one of the more coveted reservations around.




Chinese New Year weekend also. Chinese places may get packed.

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Thanks! Camphor only has a 915 available. Made a reservation at Bicyclette where we’ve been a couple of times but it’s kind of slim pickings on short notice. Hibi looks good! Funke was a consideration and Antico Nuovo is her top Italian desire, but neither have any opening. Guess I can call and ask.

funke takes reservations 7 days in advance, so 2/12 will be released on 2/5 at 9am

Ah, figured as much. Was wondering why the calendar looked so sparse

Mother wolf too which is funke cheffed with similar menu you probably can get that or funke if you set your alarm

Olive Pit in Brea always delivers. Get there early on the weekend if you don’t want to wait. Good quality food. Large portions. Nice service. Family owned. I love the gyro. Chicken kebabs are also very popular. My kids devour the avelamongo soup and lamb chops.


I really like that place, too!

HH is also great.

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The octopus is my favorite along with the Greek salad.


Was @js76wisco - influenced and made our way to dinner at Olive Pit tonight.

I was feeling out of sorts today and the avgolemono soup got me back on track. Lots of bright and fresh lemon with plenty of chicken, rice and chopped mirepoix.

Followed up with a Mediterranean salad topped of lamb gyro that is just solid. The gyro is crisp, flavorful and moist…such a great rendition.

Had the Greek yogurt topped with sour cherries, honey and toasted walnuts for dessert. It felt more like labne than Greek yogurt because it was so dense and rich. But loved the accoutrements.

I also love that we can also get a nice cocktail while we wait for dinner.

The wait for a table for 2 was about 30 minutes at 7:15PM. We just traipsed around downtown Brea while we waited.


Milk cream donut at Yozm Donuts at the Source in Buena Park. It’s a delicious donut but there is way too much cream. Getting a fresh batch makes a difference but they are constantly making them throughout the day.

Sugar Box sells tanghulu. Strawberry, tangerine and grape. My kids loved it. They also have dragons beard. I recall somebody looking for it recently. Peanut butter black sesame and Oreo flavors.


That day when I had a big Lunar New Year family get together in the back room of No 8 on the Bund and found out family members @Bagel and @tiberiusnero were on FTC.


Damn we got a little Shanghainese crew here!


La Bettola di Terroni (Larchmont). I was a fan of Terroni DTLA. But it would be kind to call this new restaurant mediocre. Tasted twice.

Tanghulu craze is hitting Koreatown. There’s at least one place on Vermont specializing in it, and a few other places offer it now. There’s also a street vendor that sets up in the evenings and sells it on 6th.


Friend had a $100 gift certificate for Master Ha’s, so we ate like royalty. Too lazy to most details, but it was all f*cking delicious, and I would’ve happily paid full price for this. Gloves, scissors, and tongs are all provided.