February 2024 Rundown

Lorenzo California (Beverly Hills)

Had an appointment nearby and decided to walk over for lunch before heading home. Granted I originally plotted a course for Chaumont, before remembering this place.

Lorenzo - likely one of the best mortadella sandwiches I’ve ever had. The bread was fluffy but with enough of a crisp to provide structure. While I didn’t notice their Parmigiano pâté, the mortadella was nice and the pistachio, roasted red pepper & basil mix was a great textural and freshness contrast. Would definitely order again.

Tonno - I’m a sucker for a bright tuna salad and this one was studded their giardiniera mix and lemon zest. My mistake was that I let it sit on the box for the drive home so the bottom half of the bread sogged out. It was still delicious.


how was the wait? i want their sandwiches, but the last two times i’ve gone they had really let the line get out of control. we waited 45 minutes for two sandwiches, which came out fifteen minutes apart.

Wait was not bad at all.

No line. Only a couple of people inside the shop. They had a few online/phone orders. I think I was in and out in about 10 minutes.

Walked in today (Friday) around noon…maybe a few minutes before?

I can understand how they could get backed up. That sandwich counter is SMALL. I don’t know how it’s possible to have 2 people on the line and another come through to pack items for the cold case.

Happy New Year!

Happiness and good health to all!


Oh, what a coincidence! I love tuna salad and had one yesterday, as well! I couldn’t call it bright (and there wasn’t actually a ton of tuna flavor b/c of all the other stuff inside), but it was certainly tasty. Ludivine in West LA:

I don’t know if the chips are housemade, but they’re really herb-y and delicious. You can either get that or a side salad.

Pastries there are gorgeous (didn’t get any b/c I’m trying to reduce sweets for the next few wks).


Celebrating the year of the dragon at Little Pan in Santa Ana. My daughter and I are both dragons. Happy New Year.

Delicious pan fried buns.

The center was a touch under but we really liked these. Some might say a little greasy but I think fried food need to be a little oily.

Needed some veggies to cut through everything

Noodles were ok. Very peanut forward.

The house hot sauce is good. A good consistency and balance between the oil and spicy bits. Could have been a touch spicier but one of the better chili oils we’ve had at a restaurant recently.


Herbs with tuna salad is also great!

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Down in Anaheim yesterday so I popped into Sababa - no pix but damn that’s a good falafel pita. Hope to explore more of Lil Arabia soon.

Also stopped by Green Cheek - those dudes really know their way around some hops. Pet The Tiger is wild good if anyone’s on their way down soon. Other Half collab also solid.


If Sababa seating situation was better we’d be there way more often. Was construction still going on? Last time we had to eat sitting on the curb.

Green Cheek is top notch across many different styles of beer. If you go to Costa Mesa the smash burgers are legit.

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Handy Market Tri Tip Sub. Absolutely hits the spot every once in a while and for $11.99 it’ll fill you up for the day.


Green Cheek gets deserved attention for their IPAs but I agree that they kill it across the board. Recently had and loved their Brown Ale. You might not usually expect excitement from an American Brown Ale but this one totally delivered - like a more robust Dark Mild.

Was it Bryan’s award winning brown ale? That was delicious. I had a pour while I picked up TDH Other Brian which was also great.


Yes “Shhh… Ryan’s Award-Winning Brown Ale” or something like that. I hadn’t had a good brown in a while and kind of viewed the style as an afterthought. Didn’t see it to-go so I got the Work Amongst Yourselves dark lager, which is very nice, in its place. Will check out that Other Brian next time I’m down there.

I asked as well but they didn’t can the brown ale. Too bad. It’s still on tap and they just added a dark Czech style lager that looks good. Nice to mix up styles between all the IPAs.


The best NYC dog is actually in LA at Earle’s on Crenshaw. So good I had to get a second. Mr Earle is actually from Brooklyn! So glad he brought over that NYC onion sauce.

Onion sauce, mustard, relish, and one with kraut.

Also threw in some free fries! Thick, crisp, and piping hot.

Post-Culver City Stairs snack! I absolutely love rainbow umbrella fruit carts. Mango was sweet and ripe. Lime, tajin, and chamoy.


The red onions are the best topping for hot dogs. They used to sell them at Ralph’s but I haven’t seen them in a while.


Kaiseki Motoishi

@Clayfu review forthcoming?

abalone soba

kegani rice


Kei Supperclub. Feb 24th was their last night until they figure out next steps. Excellent service. There was essentially 1:1 ratio of diners to workers including the kitchen staff. The manager said the entire month of February sold out in 5 mins. We enjoyed all of the drinks we ordered. Didn’t do the pairing.

You could really taste the hojicha and sweet potato. A much different Manhattan than I’ve ever had.

Perfectly shucked oyster. We were surprised at how well the fish sauce complimented the oyster vs overpowering the briny oyster. Delicious.

The essence of pho in a beef tartare dish. Very tasty and well executed.

Reminder us of Taco Maria aquachile with Asian flavors. Similar bright acidic slightlTomato, herbs and garlic chip ver Bo.

This simple salad was delicious. House made cheese prosciutto two ways under neath the lettuces for some crunch and salty bits.

Bread was fantastic. Warm salty buttery and the butter was meant to evoke the flavors of boiling crab.

COD was well cooked but a bit one note compared to all the previous dishes with so much brightness, acidity, heat and flavor. Sauce was kinda like what you’d get in Mongolian beef.

Carrots were delicious. Beef was lovely and perfectly cooked. The sauce on the side with the tendon was good. Small quibble is that the two beef dishes had a similar flavor profile.

Excellent dessert. Not too sweet and not overly guavay. Good balance of flavors and textures. Beautiful dish. Even my wife who hates guava liked it.


Pann’s. Oldies playing. Diverse group of customers. Retro diner vibe. Must have read the menu wrong. A side costs extra. Skip. I do think Cassell’s has a better patty melt but I just love the vibes here and the Googie architecture . They close at 3pm. Wished they open late late so I can see the sign lit up with the Edward Hopper Nighthawks feel.


this crab rice was fire.