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Wood and Water has a brunch, Brunch — Wood & Water

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What part of the Valley? And by kosher do you mean they don’t eat shellfish/pork or do they require a kosher kitchen?

Tel Aviv Grill on Burbank

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Not strictly Valley, but Saddle Peak Lodge brunch is always great place to linger with a friend. Looks like the heavy hitters of North Hollywood Thai food have made it through the pandemic (Sanamluang, Krua Thai, Sri Siam), and while I can’t personally speak to Anajak in Sherman Oaks people clearly love it on the board. Mizlala isn’t SE Asian, but it is awesome.

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Not North Hollywood, but don’t forgot Chiang Mai. I’ve been twice in ~2 mos. Still great.


I’d usually recommend Salsa & Beer, North Hollywood location. Especially in the daytime and since when the sun is up, I think margaritas and asada.

Plus I like a place I can hang out and eat and drink. I used to meet people at Golden Road. The food’s not bad and it’s fun to hang out and drink a ton of beer. But that’s more the border of Burbank/Glendale. Easy access for you coming up from Long Beach.

I’ve heard good things about Malama Pono in Studio City. I’ve never been. Looks cool. Nice Hawaiian menu.

Hey,you could go to Brent’s Deli in Northridge.

Or maybe get a meat-centric meal at wood ranch in Northridge.

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Mizlala in Sherman Oaks or Tel Aviv Fish Grill in Tarzana might work for you.

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Wood and Water is a pretty setting with porch sitting if you desire - although its on Ventura Blvd and listening to cars is never my favorite thing. I haven’t been to their brunch but the dinner is quite good by Valley standards.

It’s really damn good. The food is fantastic, as is the service. And not your typical Hawaiian fare.