Fried Chicken Rundown

SCANDAL. I definitely go spears, which is what made 'em so memorable. Man. I don’t remember specifying when I ordered, but it may be worth doing in the future or…

There’s always my way…

Can you add Dulans? No one else can resist the pork chop, you are the hero we need!

That’s funny. But I’ll have to try them first… TBC.

The list is of places to try right?? Or perhaps I’ve missed something :frowning:

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I am sharing this from Hungry Onion,. @zippo1 posted this and I immediately thought of our dear @TheCookie, who would be a natural for a YouTube Los Angeles fried chicken show. :slight_smile:

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FTC’s own @MaladyNelson hipped me to this a while back, as well.

I’ve since watched every episode. Piffington, fam.


I :heart_eyes: little man.

Maybe there is something to that genetic predisposition thing Dave Chappelle was talking about. I know I sure love it!


I’m not nearly as amusing as Pengest


This reminds me… I think I have a couple of updates to do.

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Did you trie the Howlerman Rays competion, Prince’s

Ooh … can’t wait!

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I’ve always liked Pann’s for a solid comfort food fried chicken dinner. But ever since they’ve stopped doing dinner and shortened their menu, the chicken isn’t as good. This is based off a sample size of two meals. May try them a 3rd time just to see.

FWIW, the patty melt is still good for now.


Mama Joans is down the street.

I have this Friday off I may stop by for the gumbo, but I can’t leave a soul food place without the sides and maybe some baked or fried chicken.

“Baby are you sure you can eat all that?”
"Yes ma’am "

I’ll probably head for a nap at the beach


Pictures, pretty please!

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A must add is Fried Chicken at Alta Adams in Mid-City.

Crispy, juicy, a little heat and an interesting punch of flavor like they use granulated chicken base in the brine.


Some good options for Korean fried chicken courtesy of LA Taco. I’ve never been to the first 3 but they sound and look delicious. The Prince is OG great. They left out OB Bear though.


I wanna’ try the place talked about in the comments section,The Gangjung. :grin:

Wouldn’t say it’s noteworthy, but I haven’t been in ages.

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Met Her At A Bar - Mid-City


Simple is Good Waffle & Whip (real name) - Boneless, Skin-on Fried Chicken, Waffle & Whipped Butter

I put butter & syrup on my waffle and a drizzle of hubby’s sweet chili sauce on my chicken. :heart_eyes:

Fried Chicken Waffle Thai-style - Boneless Skin-on Dark Meat, Tom Yum Seasoning, Crispy Basil, Sweet Chili Sauce, Chili Peppers


I think the white drizzle was a side of sauce from some other dish… I think.

The boneless, skin-on, mostly dark meat chicken is juicy & crispy, lightly seasoned, not too salty. The waffle is medium-thick, fluffy & crispy. Met Her At A Bar has been open for a while now but over the last few months we started seeing lines on the sidewalk. Now I know why. They have a whole Waffle Menu! :hearts:


Happy National Fried Chicken Day!