Fried Rice

What’s your favorite fried rice?

I mainly like the Japanese chahan that you get at ramen spots, my favorite being the one at Shinsengumi Hakata Ramen (the only thing worth getting there, imo). Oh, and the sausage fried rice at Furaibo. I also like the shrimp fried rice at Din Tai Fung and the Yang Chow fried rice at Newport Seafood. The Portuguese sausage fried rice at Gardena Bowl and the bacon fried rice at The Loft are delicious, too!

Edit: Almost forgot the Nasi Goreng at Simpang Asia!

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luv2eat’s shrimp paste fried rice with mackerel


Ooh yeah, that too! :yum:

the Fried Rice at Kouraku


Hi @thechez5,

I was thinking about that, but am ruined by the amazing Fried Rice offerings at Dragon Beaux we just had! :blush: If you get a chance, definitely give it a try next time you’re in the area.


In LA? Benihana.


Yes! Totally forgot about their fried rice. That is really good.

Crab fried rice at Night + Market. Impossibly light.


Definitely on my list! Thanks!

I haven’t been there in years, but yes, so good.

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If you like spice do the Nasi goreng Jagger at simpang, delicious and out of this world although quite spicy.

The crab fried rice at Ruen Pair is the only fried rice I’ve had in this town that tempts me to stray from my general diet.

One general comment I would make is that fried rice in most of LA sans SGV and some restaurants in thai town lack the wok hei that takes fried rice over the top of a housemade dish that I could make myself at home. Sadly, most places just mix together ingredients on a hot pan.

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Kimchi fried rice at Baroo.

I love kimchi. And I love fried rice.

But I just don’t love kimchi and fried rice at Baroo.

Anyone had Sapp’s Fermented Pork(Nem) Fried Rice
aka Thai Spam?

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Where can I get good shrimp fried rice?

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Din Tai Fung!


Venice Ramen has incredible shrimp fried rice - lots of wok breath


you’re telling me a shrimp fried this rice?

i’m not big on Daikokuya’s ramen, but their fried rice slaps. they use the same fat as in the ramen to fry–really luxurious mouthfeel like any good Chinese fried rice that starts with lard.

nasi goreng jagger at Simpang is worth any regrets the next day.

one of the Northern Cafe’s in Westwood used to serve a challenging spicy fried rice before the chef left to go home to China, and they revamped their menu into all mediocre things

(btw if anyone has spicy fried rice suggestions please let me know)