Fried Rice

If we talkin’ all comers in the L.A. fried rice category (not just shrimp fried rice), then an additional shout-out must go also to Ikkousha Ramen (with locations in Torrance, Little Tokyo, and Costa Mesa) for their Gold Chahan, with lots of wok hei.


Daedo has great fried rice. Not similar to any I’ve had elsewhere.


I love jagger but I always pay for it lol


the crab fried rice at luv2eat thai is the best rice i’ve ever had


My favorite fried rice is carrots, peas, and conpoy (dried scallop). Anyone have a local favorite in this style?

Arroz chaufa de camaron at Mario’s Peruvian.

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It’s hard to compare different types of fried rice, but Ho Kee Cafe’s dried scallop with egg white fried rice always hits the spot for me, especially when I add a little bit of fried garlic from salt and pepper fried fish.

This kind of kimchi fried rice (nurungji bottom because the rice is cooked in a thin layer) was pretty famous in LA at Dong Il Jang (1979-2020). It’s around if you look, even in Fullerton, Diamond Bar, etc so not just an LA Koreatown thing.

Korean duck bbq specialist Sun Ha Jang in LA Koreatown has a similar style with purple rice. But Dong Il Jang’s was perhaps the most highly regarded as far as kimchi bokkeumbap goes.


I was thinking of going to luv2eat.

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