FTC Confessions

Yep, I basically only seek out non-tonkotsu joints these days. I make an exception for Jinya as utility ramen.

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Welp, I guess this qualifies as a confession: I still love tonkotsu broth and dislike everything else. The richer and porkier, the better.


Can I get an amen! Okay okay. So to be more precise, I’m okay with a lighter, milky, Hakata-style tonkotsu that isn’t so loaded with sodium that my kidneys file a formal protest. I cannot find a good, hakata-style specialist. I also don’t get the layer of fat on top that all the legit places are in love with. I don’t make a habit of doing shots of olive oil. I certainly don’t want a porkfat milkshake for broth.

You’re not alone . . . LA can’t get enough of this style! To each their own. I just want a little diversity in our local ramen galaxy.

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@thechez5 I love that style, too! If kotteri (sp?) is an option, I will usually order it.

Agreed. Probably because I don’t have it more than a few times a year.

I ate oysters and geoduck everyday I was in Seattle because I’m a shellfish person.


Where? And why not post on the PNW site?

Okay. Sigh. Here goes . . .







@PorkyBelly Did you get to try Sushi Kashiba in Seattle? If so, what’s your impression of the place and how does the LA high end game comapre?

I’m going next month…I plan on eating as much as I can, too! But my problem is that I’m traveling with folks who don’t partake so I won’t be able to hit up as many places as I would like. I may have to vicariously live through your delightful photos.

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More geoduck for us! #itsacruelcruelsummer

The failure is all mine. I just haven’t had it. I’ve been trying not to force it. You know, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself . . . or the geoduck. I want it to be special.

I guess I’m waiting.


It’s great stuff. I like mirugai prepared as Japanese-style sashimi (I need not remind you to only go to a reputable sushi-ya for this).

Crunchy deliciousness, come to papa…

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If you’re ever interested in cooking it, New May Wah on Clement in San Francisco sells it live. At least they did the last time I was in there.

i did, i’ll write up a report soon, but in short it was solid, on the level of shunji, but not worth having to wait in line for 2.5 hours to get a seat at the sushi bar.

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if your group likes seafood, i highly recommend rockcreek, my favorite meal of the trip.

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Good to know. We’ll be back some time next month and I just spot checked a few evenings and their reservations were wide open. Yay.

Looks fantastic, @PorkyBelly! I’ll add to to my Seattle schedule. We’re staying in the nearby Ballard neighborhood, so Fremont is a hop, skip, and a jump away. Thanks!

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Ah, you’re staying in Ballard. Just an fyi, there’s almost nothing open for lunch in Ballard during the week anyway.

We have a fave in Fremont: Drunky Two Shoe BBQ. Really great BBQ especially the “Burnt Ends.” And the Chop-Chop salad with some meat added is super.

Thanks. This is an extended long weekend trip, and we likely won’t even be around the neighborhood during the day. Most dinners are already planned with friends and family who live in town.