Great $1 Oysters and Relaxed Seafood in Hollywood - The Hungry Cat

We had to grab a quick bite to eat before catching Sing Street at Arclight Hollywood (ASIDE: Sing Street is one of the best movies I’ve seen in so long! So cute, charming, indie film from Ireland, and a great soundtrack (loved the original songs)! :blush: From Director / Writer John Carney (ONCE)).

I originally wanted to stop by Luv2Eat, but didn’t want to risk missing the movie, so I remembered The Hungry Cat (right across the street from Arclight). Pic of their wall with all their “Hungry Cats”. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize, but The Hungry Cat in Hollywood runs $1 Oysters on Mondays, and all drinks are Happy Hour prices the entire night! Nice!

We started with a Dozen Oysters - Kumiai (Mexico):

Really fresh, bright and briny. They were also shucked pretty well (no stray shell bits).

Miso Glazed Hamachi Collar (Black Rice, Tangerine Salad):

I love Hamachi Kama, but I’ve never had it at Hungry Cat before. Was curious how Chef-Owner David Lentz would prepare this. It was a touch overcooked, and a little too salty (only a touch), but otherwise, it was pretty decent. However the Black Rice and Tangerine Salad was great: Nutty, the Black Rice had enough body to each bite, and the Tangerine Salad was refreshing and played off of the Roasted Hamachi Collar.

Dungeness Crab Ravioli (Fava Bean Pesto, Lemon Cream, Pecorino):

We were originally surprised to see it presented as one large Ravioli, but wow! Fresh Dungeness Crab (generous amount of Crab), and the Fava Bean Puree was great! Loved this. :slight_smile:

Curried Cauliflower (Pine Nuts & Raisins):

Curried Cauliflower seems to be popping up on a lot of menus, but The Hungry Cat’s version is solid. Aromatic curry spicing, the distinct Pine Nut scent hitting you with the sweetness of the Sauteed Raisins. Great veggie side dish.

The Hungry Cat
535 N. Vine Street (at the corner of Sunset)
Hollywood, CA 90028
Tel: (323) 462-2155


no chorizo clams!? only been to the SB location but we get that every time. it’s amazing

Thanks for the tip Nemroz. :slight_smile: I’ll have to try that next time.

I guess I’m used to eating Oysters as simple as possible. But it sounds delish. Thanks.

this joint right here… FIRE


You guys are making me re-think my stance of never going to HC again.

We had a really bad experience at Hungry Cat Hollywood last summer. They served us a cereal bowl of watery ceviche w/brown bits of avocado and a few chips. The waiter lacked basic skills and forgot everything. To add insult to injury he didn’t take it off our bill and charged extra for the avocado. I’m a pretty easy going diner, but it was just weird. There was a sense of apathy about the whole place.

P.S. The Belgian-style french fries were great though lol.

Hi @TheCookie,

Sorry to hear. Definitely one bad server can ruin a dinner experience. The various times I’ve been I haven’t run into that apathetic server (I hope I never do). You should’ve asked for the manager at that point.

I don’t think it’s a destination place, but before a movie or if I’m in the neighborhood, it’s been ok.

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You’re right. Especially the $1.00 Fresh Oysters, Happy Hour and a Movie. Sounds like a good Monday night.

My (many) visits to HC in either Hollywood or Santa Monica are more in line with @TheCookie than @Chowseeker1999: fair-to-not-so-good. When it first opened it was a whole lot more better.

Hi @CiaoBob,

Yah, I remember reading some downhill reports on our old board, and have avoided HC for a while. I figured they couldn’t mess up on chilled Seafood (as long as it’s fresh), so thankfully that was good (and safe) to order.

@CiaoBob @Chowseeker1999 - Yep. The only thing I’ve ever enjoyed at HC is the fresh oysters. That’s including service and atmosphere.

I’m from Cape Cod and really liked the idea of a spot like HC. Plus - side bar - I’m a shameless cat lover. But, there’s more competition now - serving chowders, fried clams, lobsta’ rolls… and oysters. HC can no longer rest on their laurels of being the only cool seafood spot on this side of town.

But I still say @Chowseeker1999 - that was a tempting post. I will try them one more time.


Hi @TheCookie,

Oh no doubt! I totally agree with you. Maybe a few years ago it was something, but nowadays, I’d rather go Connie & Ted’s for Seafood / Lobster Roll, etc. :slight_smile: Just found it convenient and nice for $1 Oysters in that part of town.

Yes @Chowseeker1999. Went to C&T during DineLA. Great service. They get mixed reviews. But we’ll definitely return. Still searching for big-belly fried clams. But their version was darn good. Lobster roll was also really good. They had an oyster from Washington that was outstanding. I’m kicking myself for not catching the name.

I like Oysterette. But my husband thinks they’re overpriced and just ok.

Have you tried the one @ Connie & Teds?

Yes @Sgee. Love them. They’re not as big as Ipswich clams. Or maybe they remove part of the stomach sack - which is a good idea - because it might gross out people not accustomed. But they do a good job… For Westerners haha.

bumping as we went recently, after a long time away (at least a year). convenient since it’s so close to the Arclight and Pantages, and we love sitting at the small 2-seat alcove by the bar.

cute decor.

was a little disappointed that they weren’t participating in DineLA this year, since we had a good experience with it last year (one of the best shrimp soups I’ve ever had, and I don’t like shrimp generally so that meant a lot to me… just so fresh and rich and meaty, a revelation). a lot of people were ordering the Lobster Roll, would like to try that next time.

Greyhound proper, strawberry old fashioned (with whiskey steeped with strawberries for a while) – special seasonal cocktail. The Greyhound is always one of our favorite cocktails there, the candied grapefruit peel is a nice touch, very well balanced.

Peruvian scallops. adequate if not as revelatory as the ones from Fishing with Dynamite, these had a good spicy kick.

Dungeness crab salad. the crab was sweet and fresh; the sauce tasted like an elevated Thousand Island dressing, somewhat cloying; we were almost confused if this was a soup since there was so much of it…

Mezcal pink panther (substituted mezcal for vodka by request; with orgeat, strawberry, lime & peychaud’s bitters), Santa Ana (cana brava rum, pineapple shrub, yellow chartreuse, lime & sage). both very refreshing, nice.

Grilled octopus (tabouleh, eggplant, oven dried tomatoes & cucumber yogurt). The octopus was meaty and satisfying, the dish overall was filling if not outstandingly distinctive.

Fried green tomatoes. a bit greasy but the tomatoes themselves had a good burst of acidity balancing things out.

Meyer lemon curd parfait. good.

Overall, we enjoyed the meal. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to eat here, but it’s a convenient option pre-theater/movie, with fresh seafood and satisfying cocktails.


Yep, mediocre fare. I enjoy your cute pictures more than my Hungry Cat meals.

Heritage Food & Wine has $1 oysters every Thursday.

Not bad, especially if you enjoy French wines and Poilane bread.


Oh nice!

Wow Poilane bread on our shores!

I really like this place. A much more relaxing experience than the scene at Wally’s (I know, I know . . . not apples to apples).

They have Mariage Frères teas, if that’s your thing.

And you can buy a Poilane baguette to go there, too.