Grocery Store Corned Beef Specials 2023

Did the cursery search for this, but found no discussions on the matter. We usually have our “Secret Corned Beef Society” (SCBS) dinner on or around St. Patrick’s Day. In the past we would host some 75 or so guests, but those days have sailed, fortunately.

SCBS now, as we whittled the goest list down to about 20.

So the question is, if anyone has started their research, what grocery stores have the best deals?

Doing a little recon today, and I’ll share any findings for those who may care.

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maybe not for 20 people, and maybe not a “special”, but for 3-4 people this SRF product was pretty damn spectacular

In terms of normal grocery stores I found the offerings from Gelsons to be far superior taste wise to the other ‘standard’ supermarkets and worth the markup.


I didn’t happen to catch a price yesterday, but Costco in Burbank had corned beef in stock.

I went to grocery outlet this past weekend and they had quite a few and probably one of the cheapest you’ll find. There is one in the same shopping center as the new Villas Tacos B&M, great place to get cold drinks… don’t skip the Noosa Ice Cream they have in stock. It’s shockingly good. They also had Banchan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce. Sadly no fancy butter.


Today’s recon turned up the following:

S&F With digital coupon, $1.99/lb limit 1 otherwise $3.99/lb

Ralphs with store card $2.99/lb limit 1 but went thru self check out and snagged 3, with no alarms sounding off.

And yes indeed NNS1, SRF is always great quality products but as you said, not for 20 people. Love their Jumbo Kobe Beef Dogs. A must try.


Important to note the brine and seasoning in your corned beef. Latest several from Grocery Outlet have been Blarney Stone brand and are much too “warm spice” for us, aka cinnamon and clove. Other than that, the meat quality would have been fine. Left over from several nights ago:
Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 1.04.18 PM


It probably won’t be the cheapest option out there, but Standing’s Butchery is bringing in corned beef this year. You may want to call them and ask for the details. They have been posting about it on their Instagram Stories.

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I saw the SRF brisket corned beef at the Costco in MdR yesterday, along with a cheaper option. Vacuum packed and looked like a half a brisket. Forget what the exact price/lb was, but something like $6.99. Sprouts has corned beef round for $4.99/lb