Hatchet Hall

We went o Hatchet Hall this past Sunday for dinner. It was just OK this time. I’ve enjoyed our previous visits, but this time some of the food was a bit flat.

It was quite dark, so a lot of the photos didn’t turn out well.

Benne Yeast Rolls w/ sweet butter and KY ham - this was delicious. Sweet, salty, creamy, and fatty. Perfect starter.

Red Beans and Carolina Gold rice - This right here was the highlight of the night! Beautiful savory flavors with outstanding rice texture. Total care for ingredients. Sloppy pic. Dug in before the GF could snap a shot.

Chicken Schnitzel w/ hunter’s sauce, mushrooms, bacon, dill - This was ok. A little subdued in flavor. The chicken was super crunchy. To the point that it cut up the roof of my mouth.

Duck Breast w/ chanterelle, cherry mostarda, duck fat - This duck was cooked to absolute perfection. The fat was expertly rendered and the meat was a beautiful rosy pink med rare. My qualm with this dish was that the combination of the mostarda and chanerelles brought out an almost BBQ sauce flavor to me. It kind of overpowered the duck flavor. If you closed your eyes and ate it, you would think it was grilled chicken with BBQ sauce. A bit dissappointing…as is the pic.

Beef Fat potatoes were wonderfully crisp and creamy at the same time.

Again, I apologize for the dark pictures.


[quote=“Aesthete, post:12, topic:351”]Here’s a little better lit shot of the pork chop I took recently, the mushroom powder and smoked lard they brush it with makes it totally obscene.

Okay THAT pic looks as good as the pork chop tasted! You have been an unapologetic champion of this place and now I completely understand why. I’m already planning my next visit and will definitely be trying that delicious looking peas and rice!

Looks like we dodged a couple of bullets because I was definitely eyeballing that schnitzel and duck. Good to know!

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Yeah, it all sounded good on paper! LOL

I love duck and chanterelles, and it sounded like a classic pairing with cherries, but the mix of everything together just took it in a completely different direction than I expected. I don’t know if it’s just me or my taste-buds, but I felt like it distracted the flavor of the duck and tasted like a $31 backyard BBQ dish. It could totally just be me.


that fucking game hen was the highlight for me too. i have to go back and try the fat on that damn pork chop.


Dunsmoor’s heritage ingredient dishes are delicious. The rabbit schnitzel was a highlight, but next time I’m there, I will avoid the chicken schnitzel. Thanks for gearing me up for my next visit!

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Another wonderful meal at Hatchet Hall.

Cocktails were on point and food was fantastic as usual. We ordered the yeast rolls, tomatoes w/ blue cheese and bacon, pole beans with bacon, turnips with chicken fat, chicken livers, stuffed peppers with lamb sausage, and the game hen.

Standouts were the chicken liver, which I’d heard great things about but never tried, and the tomato salad, which was wonderfully fatty, acidic, and crunchy.

Still one of my favorite places in town to get dinner. And I’m clearly not alone – the joint was hopping on a Tuesday night.

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What did you think about the yeast rolls? I went recently ish, and I felt like they’d changed. Something about the exterior was off to me. A bit harder? They were still good, but with the increase in price, I don’t think I’ll be getting 'em again. Especially since they no longer offer the country ham selection they used to.

I love it too, though, I wish they would shake some of the menu up.
Only the large format meat dish, and maybe an appetizer or two, seem to vary regularly, the rest stays the same. I think they are capable of much more creativity and deliciousness.

Interesting. No, I didn’t notice a difference. But the firm, almost-but-not-quite crisp exterior is one of the things that appealed to me in the first place, so I may not be the best judge.

It’s so funny you say that, as I was just thinking the opposite. One reason I went this time was because I noticed one of my favorites (the game hen) was back on the menu after being off for a month or two. Also, four out of the eight dishes we ordered (tomatoes, pole beans, turnips, and stuffed peppers) aren’t on the current website menu. That said, I don’t go there nearly enough to be able to comment definitively.


I think they do an excellent job with their vegetable dishes, and those change up fairly often. When okra is in season, they do an amazing fried okra, and I consider okra a vile vegetable for the most part.


Agree 100% on the okra - I ususally don’t like it much, outside of a gumbo, but HH’s is excellent… FWIW, so is the okra at MTN on Abbot Kinney.

Hahahaha - the game hen and the other main dishes - are kind of what I was thinking of when I wrote about the menu above. I go about every three months and the game hen (which is great) always seems to be on the menu, and the only main dish that speaks to me (other than a 100 dollar steak, pork, lamb dish that I cannot get my girl to “sign off on” that often). I am always hoping for some other mains that I want.

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Hit Hatchet Hall with the crew the other night and tried two new additions to the menu, both of which were outstanding. A delicious duck confit over apples, and Oaxacan beans with peppers.

The beans, in particular, were outstanding. One of the best things I’ve ever had there. Simple and delicious – I would’ve drunk the sauce from plate if we weren’t in public.

Only downer was the pork chop, which was underdone and way too chewy. At least one piece was straight up raw. We pointed it out but didn’t make a stink since we’d eaten almost all the rest lol.

PS: Game hen is currently off the menu.


Hatchet Hall - Revival of the Thread

I’m usually tasked with finding the friends & fam meetup spots (thanks ftc!) - except for my cousin who’s really good at picking the right spot for the occasion… but never remembers the name. Here’s how the recent convo went: “Or, that place from High On The Hog that does the menus from Sally Hemings brother and George Washington’s chef… in Culver City.”You mean Hatchet Hall?”Yes! Let’s go there.” “Good idea.

Western Medicine - Mezcal, Lime, Ginger, Honey

Right Hook - Rye, Armagnac, Averna, Banane du Bresil, Black Walnut

My friends liked their Western Medicine and my Right Hook too. I thought both cocktails were fine - would’ve liked more banana, walnut flavor in the Right Hook.

Fortune Oysters (MA), Mignonette & Cocktail Sauce

These delicate little oysters pack a rich, briny flavor. :hearts:

Kale Caesar, White Anchovies, Crouton, Parmesan

I wanted the Avocado & Citrus Salad, but was happy to be vetoed. This was very good.

Old Bay Fries, Spicy Ketchup, Jalapeño Aioli

I really need to update the French Fry thread with some of the tasty fries we’ve eaten lately. So good! :blush:

Broadbent’s 21 Month Country Ham & House Rolls w/Honey Butter, Sea Salt

Loved the yeasty rolls. Split decision on the ham. I thought it was good but too salty.

Salt Spring Mussels, White Wine, Shallot, Oregano, Fresno, Grilled Bread

This is the second time I’ve had Salt Spring Mussels in the last couple months and am now spoiled by these sweet, plump, tender mollusks. And that soppable broth. :yum:

Complimentary bubbly to toast my girl’s bday. :clinking_glasses:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

More on this on the CCCDM thread.

Bar Sitch!

I can see why peeps are enamored with the classic, dimly lit Old Man Bar.

No uncomfortable surcharge dilemma at HH. They add a 20% tip to all bills and will reiterate that no extra tipping is necessary. We liked our waitress and gave her a little something extra, but it was a relief not to feel pressured.

Happy Southern-style California Eating!


While we’re on the subject of Hatchet Hall does anyone have a copy of a recent brunch menu? My wife wants to go on Mothers Day but wants to see a menu and the most recent I can find anywhere is from 2015.


I was there recently and thought it was excellent. Lots of new and great dishes. Even more Southern than before.

My Louisiana-born better half even liked the Halibut Court-bullion (but she added, “even though it’s not a real Court-bullion”). I don’t ask, I just agree…vigorously.

My only Old Man gripe is how loud the enclosed patio was. I assumed Hatchet Hall’s interior was as loud as loud could be. I was wrong.


I forgot all about Hatchet Hall! Thanks for reviving this, @TheCookie. I need to go back there.


That’s my girl. :blush:

True about the enclosed patio. My cousin was getting paranoid about how loud we were. I said look around… Nobody can hear!



I think they’re still tentative about a regular brunch menu. But Mom’s Day should be swell. Post-pandemic baby steps. If you go please report back!


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I will. I have been for dinner many times, it’s a bit of a local with some kids at school connections as well. I went back shortly after they started the chef changes last summer and it was still great. But haven’t been for brunch. Wife is pushing for Lunetta but I gotta keep pushing for the Hall. Her logic is it’s my favorite restaurant so how about father’s day, and I’m like US Open final round sweetie. LOL