Healthy-ish Eats

Pescado zarandeado? Isn’t mayo (whole mayo) used in it?

it can be easily made omitting the olive oil.

the fish doesn’t absorb the fat used in preparation.
it is still a relatively low-cal/low-fat dish.
it is NOT a fat-free dish.

on the other hand, the CHIPS absorb the oil/fat in which they are cooked.
(yes, those chips that are devilishly hard to resist.)

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Do restaurants typically make it without?

there is no “typically” here.

some will make it without.
one of my sources uses no olive oil IN the hummus, but DOES use a high-quality olive oil that they generously drizzle over the top.
some will “cheat” using a cheaper oil mixed in with the olive oil. (an old trick used by many commercial food companies that make pasta sauce)
some will reduce the amount of costly tahini by using more oil in order to minimize the amount of tahini used.

  1. it normally contains tahini
  2. no tahini i have ever used has been “dry”
    all have been oily

That is also my experience

Soon dubu like at Beverly Soon

isn’t white rice a mandatory accouterment for this? I wouldn’t call white rice healthy, certainly not for the many asian americans in this thread.

According to my girl rice is never mandatory lol. She wont touch it and we get soon dubu often. Also, i think that place does the red rice which appears to have more fiber but who knows.

I love rice… i find it fascinating that koreans end meals with rice because they say it helps digestion…

Is there a ton of salt or MSG in soon tofu (I mean the broth, mainly)?

Salt of course, but not more than any other dish. MSG I do not know but I have no negative opinions on MSG. It consistently proves to NOT have the effect people think it does on them.

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Just to second this. Tahini itself is simply sesame seed butter, identical to peanut butter save for the seed used to make it. When bought at the store for cooking, it will typically have the oil separated to at the top and a very thick (dense) layer at the bottom, identical to natural peanut butter without additives.

The confusion is that the tahini sauce served on falafels, chicken, etc, is also generally just called tahini. It however, is much thinner as it is whipped with lemon juice and sometimes water.

What I buy from my local Ralph’s, which has sesame as the sole ingredient:


When I was a young teen, my mom used to mix tahini with honey and spread it on toast as a snack. No idea where she got tahini back then or the idea, but it was pretty tasty.


Thanks for all the great recommendations and tips, everyone! It’s been fun reading your spirited debates too. I look forward to trying your suggestions. Cheers!

Still do this. It’s so tasty.

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Y’know what I love to do with Tahini?

Mix in a good healthy handful of Chinese pork floss.

Like baby food for the gods.


and then your friend sends you a jar of tahini from Israel and you get really pissed at Sadaf and never buy it again.


Mind the carbs and the pounds will take care of themselves.

There’s nothing unhealthy about the fat in hummus. If a low-fat diet works for you long-term, that’s great, but for most people it doesn’t.

Tahini is sesame seed paste. Tahini sauce sometimes includes olive oil, though traditional recipes are usually just tahini, lemon juice, salt, and seasonings, often with a drizzle of olive oil when served as meze.

Whole-grain flour has almost the same very high glycemic index as white flour.


Yes, the fat is the healthy kind, but I only raised it because of calorie density. Someone could be on a calorie restricted diet and not realize how many calories they are in fact eating and wondering why they are not losing weight. At the end of the day, I personally believe it’s all about calories you eat vs. calories you expend.

I agree low carb dieting is easier for most people to adhere to, since you can’t lose all the weight you want in a week, it may take months. You can still have lots of tasty foods and it’s easy to know what to eat and what not to eat. If you are an athlete, it can be less than ideal though, in which case you may want to limit some fat in exchange for eating carbs (and thus having good glycogen levels for explosive workouts).