Help me w/ my trip to the UK (link)

Hello. I’m super busy, a little lazy, and leaving on Saturday for 2 wks. Help a brother out. :wink:

Actually just got back from a super short weekend jaunt to London. Wife felt it was too hot for Indian food (sad!), but we enjoyed Medlar in Chelsea for lunch. Ordered the gnocchi with wild garlic pesto, duck magret, sea trout tartare with cucumber gazpacho, and burratina with crushed peas. I thought the tartare + gazpacho was my favorite, and I then also filled up on the burratina and gnocchi (of the two, I liked the gnocchi more). I then was so full I ate like a quarter of the duck portion, to the point that the servers were worried that I disliked the duck (to be honest, it was probably #4 of the 4 things we had, but it still was fine–I just was full).

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Sent you a note on your original post. Awaiting response from my friend. Sounds like a great adventure!

Will x-link w/ the UK board. :slight_smile:

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