Help - Need a Good Vancouver Restaurant for 100 people?


If anyone has a suggestion for a good restaurant in the Vancouver area (near the Convention Center, Yaletown or Gastown) for a business meeting for about 100 people that’d be great. No Asian food. (@robert @J_L @ipsedixit and others?)

Thanks in advance!

I assume you’re thinking a buffet? I looked at a couple of places that we loved but they’re not set up for that many nor a buffet.

Hi @catholiver,

It could be buffet / family style, or even great appetizers / small bites; flexible in that sense.


@robert, do you think Salt would be a possibility? It’s been years since we were there so I just can’t visualize the size. Do you think they could, not necessarily would, tweak their set up for 100 people?

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Their web site says groups up to 75, so I presume that’s the max they can handle.

Here’s a list with capacities:

We ate well at Blue Water and Wildebeest.

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As an aside, I SO wanted to eat at Wildebeest but couldn’t get a res. Their menu is wonderful!


Wow 100 people?! And no Asian?! (But Chef Tony is so good!)

Try Hawksworth, and its sister restaurant, Nightingale.

Another option is Agrius.

You gonna pay for all those peeps? Can I join your company? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @J_L @robert for the ideas. :slight_smile:

And JL, no way! I’m not a baller like you and @ipsedixit @Porthos. :sweat_smile: Just helping a good friend of mine with this.