Ho ho kitchen on pico

how is it? I went in to buy some steamed rice. Looked like a husband and wife run the dive. A part of me wants it to be delicious. Then there’s the part of me that knows better.

I poked my head in there before deciding to eat at Olsons.

Nothing about my brief rubbernecking or anything I had at Olsons made me regret my decision.

Hehe. I’ve felt precisely this dilemma sooo many times. I would listen to your inner skeptic on this one. Reading the reviews, the people who rated it highly praised things like the cleanliness, speed of preparation, lack of salt, etc. which aren’t particularly reliable indicators of deliciousness lol.

I know right? also a bad sign is when they have more pictures of the shop than the food.

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Thanks for that thread! Will check out Olsens.