Holy Basil - DTLA

dm them for reservations


Oohh that squid dish is a play on steamed fish with lime, garlic, and herbs.

Is the smoked chile for the prik nam pla standard?
That’s different.

By the looks of it Holy Basil could easily make a Thai seafood restaurant like Fish Cheeks in NYC.


i asked sergio to put it back on just for @JeetKuneBao. invoice is in the mail.

a bang bang with needle would be perfect


love the holy basil weekend seafood dinners. Looks like it’s getting more and more choices each week which is nice!


Crab curry was the highlight for me, hoi tod (fried mussels) were also real nice. I think I was getting pretty full/palette fatigue by the time the fried fish and rice came out, because it didn’t hit as hard as I think it did for some other folks. Also didn’t have the wok hei that the pad see ew did. That’s just nitpicking though, not a dud in the meal except that I’m not a fan of bitter melon (which didn’t detract from the rest of the dish).


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I just provided them with my home crop of finger limes and makrut limes… maybe they’ll show up on menu somewhere


Had another outstanding dinner at the Yum seafood pop up (Friday and Saturday only). We had a large group so we fired all the seafood options x 2 and supplemented with the usual standby’s and new items on the Ala Carte menu .

we were gifted a tray of Hokkaido uni and so we brought it along and ask chef to use it where he thought it would best and he obliged.

:herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: oyster salad, such a unique flavorful bite and interesting even without the uni

:herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: Salmon crudo, really nice love fish sauce with fish

:herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: outstanding naked shrimp/aguachile, love the pickled garlic too. Reminded us of Sinaloan style such as Marisco Chente/conis seafood/underground 106

:herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: Beef tataki, fun play on classic nam tok

:herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: barramundi fried to perfection with tamarind sauce

:herb: :herb: :herb: Done well but this felt a little safe. Missing the nem sausage as they are trying to keep this vegetarian?

Not pictured was the curry salt spring mussels, it was another :herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: that I fortunately had a loaf of sourdough to sop up the curry.

All in all, stand by what we said before, most exciting and outstanding Thai food in LA. Tons of food, 3 bottles of wine, everyone out the door for $80 pp. So grab at bunch of friends and go nuts.


i gotta go back, that first week was so good.


Love this spot. Hope they bring Yum to Atwater…


Anyone know if they are still doing yum on weekends and what the menu is?

Don’t see a lot of info on their insta right now.

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Yeah, Friday and sat nights. Dm them for ressiies. menu changes a lot so it’s really not posted. But lately it’s curry mussels, thai aguachile, fried barramundi, oyster salad along with few others I can’t think


Love it so happy for them. They seem to have a lot of trouble with Atwater and their current location. So hoping that this positive press brings them more business so they can push through.