How Asian Is Your Costco?

a jewish friend told me that they were taught not to pay retail so even costco would be disqualified.

the first time my (toisan) parents visited me from the midwest, i took them to all the usual tourist places, like universal, the huntington gardens, etc. the only place they wanted to re-visit was costco in alhambra - where they walked up and down each aisle comparing prices that they’d have to pay in ohio. granted, it was over 25 years ago.


I guess I should have seen the coming of Costco back in the days of Adrays and ABC Premium. I was too busy saving a buck to notice.


AKA The 11th commandment. Wait… or is the 11th commandment Moses never bought stock on a Friday? I can’t remember but it’s one of those.

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The one I know is “Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican.”

re: parking - the alhambra costco was analyzed


These are on sale at Costco (at least the Alhambra one) for $8.99.

Currently about one third of the parking lot at Alhambra Costco is roped off for repaving and restriping. Yes, that makes finding a parking spot more difficult than usual.