III Mas gives an Armenian twist to Texas barbecue

Back open 10/24, insta story features smoked mortadella pitas. Menu and ordering info this afternoon.


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I think a recent Instagram post showed him smoking some big chunks of mutton, though it wasn’t entirely clear.

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Ordering is open for Sunday


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Looks like he is back in Sherman Oaks which is a lot better than schlepping deep into Northridge where he was before.

He says Sherman Oaks, yes.

This sounds dope


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sample menu

He’s been posting some amazing-looking stuff on his Instagram, like spiced smoked lamb shoulder confited with quince in clarified butter.

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Price of the brick going up

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gotta step on it harder … oof

whoooooaaaaaa… this site teaches me so much.

Per one of his Instagram stories he’s not doing the underground restaurant any more as he’s planning to open a brick-and-mortar place.

164 likes, 5 comments - III Mas BBQ (@iii_mas_bbq) on Instagram: "Our last dinner was a great success and a party to say the least.

Thank you to all of our patron..."


He’s back to takeout. Ribs and sides this weekend.

Pop-up tonight and tomorrow at Melody Wine Bar.


The menus III Mas has been posting on Instagram lately are pretty damned appealing. I hope I finally time a trip to LA to coincide with him not being closed.

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Residency at the Glen Arden Club in Glendale starting June 2.



holler when you decide to go!

I don’t see any info anywhere. Any idea how to make a reservation?

DM him on Instagram?