Input for Ice Cream Needed!

Hi everyone I am considering starting to make small batches of ice cream.

I have created a survey to see what types of ice cream fellow FTC’ers enjoy, specifically for people in the LA area since this is where I would be making it. But if you don’t live here your thoughts on ice cream are also valued. Your input would be highly appreciated!


Genuine ques: what if I like both ice cream and soft serve?


Are you offering to make soft serve since you are giving it a choice? Because ice cream and soft serve are pretty different styles to master and there’s a reason few places will try to do both on a high level.


Just which one you like more would be helpful. I don’t want to create a both option because I would like to see what people actually like more even if it’s by just 1%

I’m still in the early stages of my process but I am genuinely interested in seeing what people like more. I personally probably like soft serve a little more but it is not done well very often.


I believe in California there are a bunch of legal restrictions on soft-serve that have resulted in all the places that make it getting their mix from a very small number of dairies.

Have you ever tried making your own soft serve base? There’s a reason very few people do it, the science behind it is different than ice cream and the equipment often more expensive.

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Done. Can’t wait to try it.

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Still looking for a great custardy ‘French Vanilla’ ice cream!


The method I am using is not “traditional” soft serve

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