ISO Carolina Gold Rice

So this isn’t really a tough find usually. I tend to order online from Anson Mills. In a pinch, I’ll get some from Surfas. However, I find I’m in need of some Carolina Gold for this weekend and I believe I read that Surfas is closing/closed.

So . . . anyone have a good source for this stuff?

You might call Whole Foods and/or Bistro Farms.

But really, your best bet is going to Surfas. Or Amazon.

Was afraid of that. Mail order is to slow for my immediate needs and it looks like Surfas will be unreliable given their impending closure.
Hmmm. I’ll give it a go though.

Phone first?

I’ve only bought from Anson Mills… rice, peas, grits and the rice was the most impressive of them all. Need to order again in fact.

Thanks, all!
Amazon was a no-go due to time constraints and no prime for Carolina Gold.
Anson Mills is my regular order, but again, too slow for the weekend. @Nemroz Have you tried the waffle rice flour mix? Amazing. Also, the pencil cob grits are not to be missed.
Went to Surfas, and was worried about their stocks being low. Phoning Surfas can be like phoning your cable company. Anyways, they are still surprisingly well stocked. Many solid deals to be had there.

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i have not, thanks. we just got a professional grade double waffle maker so that’s timely! the grits i got was blue i think… what’s penceil cob like?

For anyone interested it looks like Surfas is going to have a moving sale. 30% off food and small wares. Just received. a promo email


It started Saturday, last weekend.

I now have 5 pounds of French butter in my freezer and 6 pounds of Spanish, French and Italian cheeses in my refrigerator.

I am heading over today for Jamon Serrano, duck fat, puff pastry, Spanish chorizo, maybe some saucisson sec. And probably cookie cutters, sheet pans, y-peelers, and a cabuela.

I am seriously going to miss this place.

Now until it’s gone I assume. No dates are mentioned in the email. I will
cut and paste the text below.

Take advantage of our HUGE moving sale!
All smallware and food items
(yes, wine and cheese included) are* 30% off!!*
We have chocolate, vanilla, cake pans, kitchen utensils, knives, sheet
pans, spices, salts, sugars, flours, cookie cutters, pans, pots, you name
The last truckload of inventory just came in, so come and get it before
it’s gone!

The notice said the lease ends on June 30, so they will probably need the last week of June to clear out. We have maybe about 10 days to clean them out?

Surfas Culver City Closing

oh now… very nice

Pencil cob grits have the corn taste turned up to 11. Texture is a bit softer, though.

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