ISO Duck Eggs

Been all over Chinatown to no avail. Any ideas between Downtown, West Side and the SFV would be gratefully appreciated.

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LA Fresh Poultry in Ktown on Virgil / Beverly.


Farmers Market Poultry @ the original Farmers Market @ 3rd & Fairfax has them (they also have quail eggs and you can special order ostrich eggs as well).


Great thread! I was just pondering this a few weeks ago when I drove by the former A Asian Mart on Sunset, which used to be my go-to source.

Expoistion Poultry on Western at Exposition has them according to a sign there, though I’ve never picked them up from them. If you do end up going, get some of their chicken chorizo, it’s quite yummy.

I’ve seen them at 99 Ranch in Van Nuys. I’d call before you go.

I’ve never seen fresh duck eggs at 99 Ranch; only preserved.

If by “fresh” you mean raw, then all 99 Ranch stores carry them. Raw and unsalted.

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See if your local WF has them. Mine does from a local source.

South Pasadena farmers market Thursday afternoons. The stand right in the center of the market, I don’t remember the farm’s name, but it’s the one that’s freestanding by itself across from the info booth. They sell a wide variety of veggies, and I’ve seen duck eggs there as well.

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Sorry–I just noticed the geographical constraints, guess this wouldn’t wotk for you.


came to say this… i love this shop for many reasons

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Westside, you can get duck eggs at Mar Vista Farmers Market. Email or call ahead to be sure they will have some that week. You could also ask if they sell somewhere closer to where you live.

They had just sold out of duck eggs when I walked up, so here is a picture of the last three goose eggs.

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Jaime Farms. Sometimes they have them, sometimes not.