ISO Mughlai Biryani

Biryani is only traditionally made with basmati rice in some parts of North India…

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We’ve eaten at Abhiruchi Grill twice. The food is very good. The service is a bit strange. They hover a bit and they asked us to pay the tip in cash.

I don’t know if they serve the biryani you’re looking for. Here’s a link to the menu.

If you go there, you should check out West LA International Market which is in the same mini-mall. They have a huge selection of Middle Eastern groceries.

Same. I really like this place, too. My review is here:

My friend tells me they do a “boneless” chicken biryani that uses Chicken 65, which I found intriguing. Haven’t tried it yet, though.

Is this the place yelp tells me is in Diamond Bar?

Yah, Diamond Bar.

sitting here eating what i was told is a mughlai lamb biryani… it’s quite good… i got it from Indian Spice shop on fairfax by pico . guy is pakistani and was telling me that counter to what many thing including me a good biryani isnt made well ahead of time.

There’s a full pound of lamb in here though quite tough

Tough lamb: Sounds almost oxymoronic.

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it’s not simple to make any meat tender

some cultures actually prefer a chew to their meat and i dont know how the pakistani like it.

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Yeah, for some reason, a bit of chew to the protein in a biryani seems okay to me.

it’s possible they’re using mutton also… pakistanis and all

Lamb/ Mutton got cleared up. They have both, I ordered lamb so they used lamb . It was too chewy for me.

So today I got chicken. Me and my Cambodian home-girl here flipped our lids basically and will be going back a lot.

New India Sweets & Spices FF/Pico


For me, good biryani means rice that has been baked for a long time with with meat and/or vegetables and spices You can tell whether biryani has been cooked this way just by looking at it; the rice will be infused with color despite being dry. It’s totally different from making rice and then mixing it with curry, which is what every restaurant in LA that I’ve tried seems to do.

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So are these pakistani dudes lying to me when they say that slow cooked biryani is the lazy way to do big batches and fresh is best? i feel like they were. \

My indian friend says India Tandoori on wilshire does a great biryani so i’ll be tryin that next

i’m sure someone will be able to find an exception, but i tend to think of dishes incorporating cooked rice (and not as porridge) as something best eaten freshly made, because the texture of rice changes over time as the level of moisture changes. rice can be reheated and in some way rehydrated, but the results are not always optimal.

in a perfect world, a restaurant could time it so that every customer of the day could get a freshly slow cooked order, in which case i’d expect a batch of rice baked with meat & vegetables to be infused with more flavor. but if you can’t anticipate when an order will be requested, i’d expect that you’ll get the best rice texture assembling everything with freshly cooked rice that was made separately.

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i’m sorry but this is nonsense. there are many different styles of biryani and the suggestion that you can tell quality by simply looking at colour is silly.

if anything a biryani which is very yellow or orange is more not less likely to be a pakki biryani which sees rice layered with cooked meat/gravy and finished. hyderabadi kacchi biryani–where the rice is cooked with raw, marinated meat-- and awadhi biryani are always very lightly hued. and pakki biryani is a completely legit style of biryani anyway.

I guess I’m really easy to fool with a decent curry. Went back to the fairfax / pico market today and got properly pissed. They were late making my spicy chicken biryani, so i watched him take chicken curry, mix it with rice, saute it and spice it up and call it biryani.

I made sure he acknowledged what he did lol. Fuked up is that I liked it a lot but it’s not a biryani hahahaha