Jame Enoteca (El Segundo): A Pictorial Essay

Had a super tasty lunch at Jame the other day. Ordered the lasagna special with foraged mushrooms, which was outstanding. Mushrooms can be a little watery but these were perfect. I also liked how the lasagna was made to order and baked on its own little plate, which allowed for crispy edges all around.

Followed up lunch with an excellent flat white from Two Guns up the street.


Enjoyed another nice dinner here last Wednesday night. They open for dinner at 1730 - we got there at 1745 and grabbed the last 4-top inside. The wait list grew from that point - it was a little too cool for dinner outside.

The dishes that stood out to me were the crispy risotto, roasted cauliflower (again) and the roast pork shank.

The risotto was like an Italian fried rice where great care was taken to crisp the outside of each grain of rice just north of soccorat. Full of flavor, spice and wonderful aromatics of herbs.

I mentioned the cauliflower in the past - perfectly roasted and full of umami. Our kids (16 & 19 yrs old) ordered this without hesitation.

The pork shank didn’t scream Italian to me - a glaze of honey and mustard and …? But it was crazy delicious just the same. A nice browned outer crust gave way to super flavorful and juicy meat. We took the remaining bone home to get at the remnants of meat caveman style.

Jame Enoteca is still first come/first serve, so go early or plan on waiting. As the weather warms, the outside tables become more of a practical option for dinner.



Is Chef Kalb still offering his unforgettable 36-hour San Marzano tomato cappellini on the menu?

Their chopped salad is the best I’ve ever eaten.

Have you tried Alimento’s version?

Sorry - I believe it was on the regular menu but I’m not positive - we ordered the cavetelli with sausages an parmesan sauce and the mushroom lasagne. Both were very good.

I was planning on ordering that but was voted down with the cauliflower.

Alimento has a version of crispy risotto? We will have to spread our neophyte wings and try it…

No I was replying to @Bob_Brooks about the chopped salad

I’m not a chopped salad kind of guy, but Alimento’s take on caesar is best-in-class for me.

Not the chopped salad but I’ve certainly enjoyed theirpasta.

Pretty excited to try this place out! I read the foodie coverage and the reviews on here in anticipation.

Located in Downtown El Segundo sandwiched in between LAX and Chevron. There is a lot but try the area a block north if you are having trouble. There is a parking structure behind the businesses on Main. The actual restaurant is tiny but when the neighboring business close for the day, the whole area outside of the restaurant has makeshift tables. It can get chillly here but there are a few space heaters.

The bread came warm with a side of olive oil and umami butter which I suspect has some kind of crab element to it. Nothing mind blowing. This is not complementary btw.
The Arugula Salad was fine, well dressed and seasoned. It would have been nice to have something to counterpoint the dressing, cheese, and peppery arugula.

For me personally, the Capellini with a 36 hour tomato sauce…hmm I have very mix feelings about this. If you are expecting a tomatoey sauce, then this is not it. I would kindly steer you to Bulgarini, which imo has the best damn tomato sauce around. The cheese is a little heavy handed here, I don’t want salt I want tomato. This whole plate leans towards savory and salt, that’s fine but for me not what I am looking for. But the noodles and coating of the sauce were great.

Spaghetti Limone with Soft Shell Crab. This was a special. I don’t think the crab really adds anything other than seafood and lemon go well. I would have been happy with just spaghetti and lemon sauce. I like this a lot with the play and balance between lemon and cheese. Great chew and sauced.

Beef Cheek. This was pretty tasty but with a completely unnecessary pool of olive oil it was sitting in. I get finishing off pasta with a little olive oil, but this was too much.

Lemon Pie was nicely tart!

Service was great here. I am glad I tried it and I am glad many people so far enjoy this place. I think it’s not for me. It is a little unbalanced for my personal taste.


Thanks for trying it and reporting back! Yes, the tomato prep on that cappellini is not your usual red sauce. I enjoyed Chef Kalb’s own take on this classic dish, but admittedly, it may not meet everyone’s expectations.


New restaurant coming soon from Chef Jackson.

So many pasta options on the Westside!


Looks great. And walking distance from our house!

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Looks like we’ve a local contender in the next season of Top Chef…

There are a handful of chefs with roots in LA, but only one established in LA.


Didn’t know this show was still on rooting for Jackson kalb!