January 2021 Rundown

Damn that looks good!

Two pies is a pro move!

Thought I’d drop this here, also, as it’s pretty big news, if true.

Restaurant union expecting Gov. Newsom to lift stay-at-home order for all of California on Monday

lol ‘The Angels’

Is this from Pizza Wagon? Looks damn good.

Prime Pizza. The superior valley option.



Okay, I’m impossibly behind on viewing what everyone has eaten, but here’s my contribution.

Lazy, so I’m linking to my brief reports elsewhere:

And then part of tonight’s dinner. Clark St. demi baguette, Bristol Farm (Gioia) burrata, and a little drizzle of EVOO. And some random greens. For me, this is heaven:


I’m doing the same thing… linking to my report.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria, Sherman Oaks.

Details here:

Superlong Pizza Thread Started by Chowseeker1999


Nearly risked my life driving to Spoon by H in the torrential rain on Saturday to pick up the family combo meal. I preordered it from Tock a week before. For $150, you get enough food to feed 10. We had leftovers on leftovers and I ended up giving away an intact order of spicy beef ribs to my neighbor because I couldn’t handle all the food. This is what’s on the menu.

Salad with sesame oil dressing
Kimchi fried rice
Tteok galbi fried rice
Spicy Beef Ribs
LA Galbi
Galbijjim (braised beef short ribs) & Braised Oxtail
Beef short rib miso ramen
Beef short rib rice cake soup

Everything was good to great except we never even touched the spicy beef ribs so I’ll just have to assume it was good. Favorite was the short rib rice cake soup. Miso ramen was a close second the next day. Kimchi fried rice third. Finally finished it yesterday. The weather was a factor in the rankings of course.

We definitely got more than what’s listed.


Wow that is great QPR.

The Siu Yeh pop-up at Needle on January 26th gave me some of the best bites in this nascent 2021 thus far. Authenticity-wise, I think Chef Ryan’s sensibilities were dead on in terms of selection and flavor. Every bite was a winner.

Grilled Cheung Fun Skewer… Best cheung fun I’ve had so far in Southern California. The smokiness, sauce, sesame, bite… All spectacular.

Roasted Young Chicken Wings… This dish is ubiquitous throughout the Chinese-speaking world, but if it’s prepared improperly, it’s easy to spot. Well, fear not, ‘cuz Needle nails it here. Frickin’ finger-lickin’ great!

Ground pork Skewer… Pardon the crappy photo, but THIS was just so fragrant and mouthwateringly heavenly to eat. I should have ordered 2 more of these.

Congee with ham, mushroom, runny egg, scallion, peanut, wonton skin crisp, and yeotiao (supplemental)… This anchored everything. Solid, solid juk-ology. Even the pickles were bomb.

Grilled Duck Breast, Beef Filet, King Oyster Mushroom Skewers… Beef filet proved to the star in this trio - just right, and reminded me of the incredibly tender solomillo one would encounter during pintxo crawls in Basque country. The duck pieces were cut a tad large for its fattiness. The mushrooms did not disappoint.

Almond Tofu with Local Winter Citrus and Goji Berries… IMHO this was the best iteration of Chef Ryan’s almond dessert thus far!

This pop-up offered me food which transported me to another time, another place. I hope some of my fellow FTCers had the same experience as well.


Great report! Everything looks so flavorful.
Are there any plans for another Siu Yeh pop-up night in the near future?

Thank you! I’m not sure if they’ll do it again; hopefully they will. I haphazardly found out about this Siu Yeh pop-up on Needle’s Instagram. I think future announcement will be similarly handled.


they’ve been doing it every tuesday for a few months now, I don’t think they have any plans to stop. you’ll need to order online.


I believe it’s every other Tuesday.


Had lunch at Cicek’s Chicken in Chatsworth. Always wanted to try this place (and House of Bread in the same center). It was featured on KTLA a few years back.

Pretty tasty rotisserie chicken. Reminds me of Zankou.

Falafel plate with pretty large falafels. These were super light, I do prefer them denser, but really nice flavor with just the right amount of spice.

All this grub for $18 out the door.

They have a huge menu of shawarma and kabob. They even had branzino.


Cicek’s is awesome. I miss that place.

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We really liked it!

Is there something in particular that you recommend?

When I lived in the hood…


Rainy day lunch from A Cut Above. Chili cheese fries, roast beef, and turkey. I think the turkey is best, and we didn’t even get it with the bacon it usually comes with. Baguette is soft and chewy, which does a lot better with these sandwiches than it did with the banh mi.


Bang - half bang

Win-Dow at American Beauty

Awesome burger and perfectly cooked fries.

Stolen crappy photo since my crApple phone screwed up my shot.

Wifey got fries there, not knowing I ordered fries from Wurstküche Venice. Just fries so it’s a half bang.

Wurstküche sells Nesbitt’s peach soda… so Fn good!!